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Dating show filming locations ranked by dating shows success rates.

The numbers don’t lie: Millions of people worldwide indulge in binge-watching reality TV dating shows, captivated not only by the drama but also by the romantic allure of exotic destinations. With the summer holidays still in full swing, why not turn your guilty pleasure of reality TV into… well, reality?

  • Explore the luxurious villas from each dating show, and discover the cost of a week’s vacation.
  • We’ve unearthed the exact locations and ranked them based on the shows’ success rates. 
  • From MILF Manor and The Bachelorette to Love Island, Married at First Sight, and Farmer Wants a Wife—which series has proven to be the most successful in helping people find love? 
  • We delve into how many couples were formed during 10 of the most beloved dating shows worldwide, how many of these couples are still together, and the impact of these exotic destinations on the contestants’ dating lives.

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The top 15 dating show destinations

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic seeking inspiration or a couple in search of the ultimate escape, discover the most captivating settings where love’s magic unfolds, ranked in order of our “long-lasting love score” (explained in the How successful are dating shows? section below). Say hello to sun-kissed beaches, luxurious city escapes, and charming countryside retreats.

Why do dating shows love exotic locations?

After exploring these pristine dating show locations, we can’t help but wonder: Why are exotic locations and dating shows a perfect match? According to Aubrey Thomas, a relationship therapist based in Tel Aviv, “It’s easy to fall in love on vacation. It’s both a state of mind and chemistry. Vacation is playtime. There are no daily responsibilities or worries. The sun and sea bring the stress levels down, and the dopamine levels up.”

But these out-of-this-world villas add another intriguing element—exposed isolation. This unique aspect enhances both conflict and connection, making us unable to look away from the on-screen romances unfolding before us. “Contestants are put in an intimate, yet very public setting. They share a house before even getting to know each other. They have to confront their problems on camera. Fame and money are at stake, which are different drivers from the real world. Additionally, everyone is half-naked, and the brain is on high alert. So, of course, you’re going to fall in love!” explains Thomas.

Yet, amidst the glitz and glamor of reality TV, questions arise about the lasting impact of these whirlwind romances. “It’s reality TV, but it’s far removed from real-life foundations like friends, family, work, and home. Many dating shows are a continuation of the algorithm we see in dating apps—instant gratification and countless options. This trains people to never be satisfied and perpetuates a society that cannot commit, as they always wonder if the next person who enters the house is better,” Thomas cautions. “You’ll find that the shows challenging this format will have a higher success rate. The relationships that won’t last are the ones that were quite literally built on sand and water.”

How successful are dating shows?

With this in mind, we set out to explore the true success rates of dating shows when it comes to fostering long-lasting relationships. By considering key factors such as the number of seasons, percentage of potential matches, engagements, weddings, and the couples living happily ever after in 2023, we conducted a thorough analysis and devised a “long-lasting love score” for each selected dating show.

So, let’s delve into the data and see how these romantic reality adventures truly fare in the realm of long-term love.

1. The Bachelorette

  • Couples still together in 2023: 5
  • Success rate of couples formed on the show: 42%
  • Long-lasting love score: 83%
Trista and Ryan Sutter from the original Bachelorette.
Trista and Ryan Sutter from the original Bachelorette. Source: Instagram @tristasutter

With an impressive record of 20 successful seasons under its belt, the U.S. version of The Bachelorette stands tall as the longest-running dating show on our list. But, despite the passage of time, only five couples from the show remain in a loving relationship. However, one couple has made their love last for two decades. 

Notable couple alert

Trista (Rehn) Sutter was the original Bachelorette in 2003 and still calls the winner of Season 1, Ryan Sutter, her husband.

I want to stay there

Villa de la Vina, in Agoura Hills, California.
Villa de la Vina, in Agoura Hills, California. Source: Instagram @villadelavina

The most recent season of the U.S. version of The Bachelorette was filmed at Villa de la Vina, in Agoura Hills, California. While it’s no longer available on Airbnb, it’s worth noting that the iconic 200-year-old Bachelor mansion was once accessible for an eye-watering 30,000 USD per night. If you still want to stay in a lookalike for your next vacation, consider the Malibu Rocky Oaks home, where you can indulge in a week-long package for 17,463 USD. It’s the perfect setting for all your romantic rendezvous, reminiscent of the show’s enchanting atmosphere.

2. Farmer Wants a Wife

  • Couples still together in 2023: 19
  • Success rate of couples formed on the show: 33%
  • Long-lasting love score: 72%

When it comes to sheer numbers, Farmer Wants a Wife Australia hits it out the park. Over the course of 13 fruitful seasons, the show has brought together 19 couples, resulting in nine marriages and an astounding 26 children! While the show managed to produce potential matches for 69% of its participants, only a third of those connections were able to maintain their spark and stay together. Nonetheless, this success rate secures the show a worthy second position in our dating show selection.

Notable couple alert

One particular couple, Chris Newsome and Kim Tierney, have been going strong since their initial meeting during the show’s very first season in 2007. They were the trailblazers, being the first couple to marry, and now they have a son and daughter together.

I want to stay there

The Convent in Hunter Valley, New South Wales.
The Convent in Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Source: Instagram @theconventhuntervalley

In the most recent Australian season, Season 13, the farmers had the opportunity to meet their prospective wives at the luxurious boutique hotel known as The Convent in Hunter Valley, New South Wales. For those interested in the Garden Suite, the bed-and breakfast arrangement costs 2,733 USD for a week.

3. Married at First Sight

  • Couples still together in 2023: 13
  • Success rate of couples formed on the show: 35%
  • Long-lasting love score: 71%

Who could have imagined? The dating show where singles agree to marry their chosen partner the moment they lay eyes on each other has become an astounding success! The American edition of MAFS has already completed an impressive 16 seasons, and one out of every five potential matches has resulted in a happily-ever-after ending. In total, 13 couples have tied the knot, and 19 babies have been born as a result.

Notable couple alert

Among these successful unions, Jamie and Doug stand out with the longest-standing relationship, having been the only pair to stay together since Season 1. Their love story has been so captivating that they even earned their own spin-off and a podcast, and they now have two children together.

I want to stay there

Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Source: Instagram @grandpalladiumjamaica

For the latest honeymoon destination, contestants got to experience the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa in Montego Bay, Jamaica. If you’re considering planning your summer getaway there, the suites with beachside ocean views start at 4,750 USD per person for a week, offering the Caribbean right at your doorstep.

4. Temptation Island

  • Couples still together in 2023: 8
  • Success rate of couples formed on the show: 38%
  • Long-lasting love score: 65%*

The American reboot of Temptation Island just wrapped its fifth season. It stands out from other reality shows because it puts existing couples through various challenges to test their relationships. Surprisingly, despite the tempting situations both on and off the island, 40% of the participating couples are still together as of 2023. Impressively, three out of the eight matches have even gotten engaged or married, indicating a relatively high success rate.

Notable couple alert

One such successful couple are Kristen Ramos and Julian Allen, who appeared on Temptation Island Season 3 and later tied the knot in Puerto Rico.

I want to stay there

Andaz Maui’s Kihei Resort.
Andaz Maui’s Wailea Resort. Source: Instagram @andazmaui

The filming of Temptation Island took place on the picturesque island of Maui, Hawaii, with the 2021 season of the reality show filmed at the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort.

In the aftermath of the recent wildfires that devastated the region, Hawaii officials have urged continued tourism in unaffected areas of Maui as a vital part of supporting the island’s recovery and ongoing economic activity. While the island’s journey to healing continues, this haven of luxury remains operational, inviting you to experience Maui’s beauty.

5. Are You the One?

  • Couples still together in 2023: 7
  • Success rate of couples formed on the show: 50%
  • Long-lasting love score: 47%

The American MTV reality TV show Are You the One? has already completed its ninth season. Despite numerous love quests, only seven couples have managed to maintain strong relationships. With a relatively low success rate of matches on the series (15%), at least the couples that left together stayed together. Interestingly, several of these couples were not considered perfect matches according to the show’s algorithm, but they still ended up getting married after meeting on the show.

Notable couple alert

Over the years, a total of five couples, such as Jenni Knapmiller and Curtis Hadzicki from AYTO Season 2, as well as Uche Nwosu and Clinton Moxam from Season 6, took the leap and got married. As a result of MTV’s matchmaking, five children have been born into these loving relationships.

Jenni Knapmiller and Curtis Hadzicki from AYTO Season 2.
Jenni Knapmiller and Curtis Hadzicki from AYTO Season 2. Source: Instagram @jenniknapmiller

I want to stay there

The latest season of Are You the One? was filmed in Gran Canaria, Spain, most likely at MTV’s global production villa. Although staying at the exact villa might not be possible, you can stay at a similar spot that has a stunning 6,458-square-foot mansion with a sea view, garden, pool, and more. This luxurious property called Terrace on the Beach is situated on the east side of the island, in Telde, and a weekly stay will cost you around 5,500 USD.

If you’re ready to indulge in the ultimate luxurious experience, why not embark on a journey to the captivating filming location of Germany’s beloved reality show Are You the One? VIP, in the exotic paradise of Koh Samui, Thailand? Picture yourself stepping into the enchanting world of Season 3 as you stay at the breathtaking Chaweng 5066 villa, a perfect alternative to the show’s original location.

Nestled along the pristine coastline, this magnificent five-bedroom villa offers a slice of heaven, with its own private beachfront, stunning pool, gym and private chef. All this splendor can be yours for a week of pure bliss, priced at 14,334 USD.

6. Love Is Blind

  • Couples still together in 2023: 7
  • Success rate of couples formed on the show: 39%
  • Long-lasting love score: 43%

After the latest and fourth season of the American installment of Love Is Blind, we can conclude that less than a third (30%) of potential matches actually formed couples throughout the entire series. Season 2, in particular, was filled with heartbreak, as none of the couples are still together today. However, there is a silver lining as a total of seven couples managed to endure, and all of them are now married. This results in a pretty decent success rate of 39% for finding connections on the show.

Notable couple alert

Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown are a favorite success story from the show, having found a genuine connection. They’ve been happily married since Season 4.

I want to stay there

TRS Yucatan Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico.
TRS Yucatan Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Source: Instagram @trsyucatanhotel

Experience a honeymoon-like getaway without a wedding. Love Is Blind Season 4 couples had the chance to unwind at the luxurious, adults-only five-star TRS Yucatan Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico, conveniently located just half an hour away from Playa del Carmen.

The hotel offers various types of suites, including charming cabin-style accommodation, complete with a private entrance, jetty, and canoes. You can take advantage of their current online sales offer (less 43%), and enjoy a week-long stay at the lakefront bungalow starting at 2,885 USD per person.

Fans can also explore the series’ international editions. The first season of Love Is Blind Japan traveled to the Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort. A week’s stay (six nights) there adds up to 19,728 USD.

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort, Japan.
Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort, Japan. Source: Instagram @hoshinoya.official

7. Love Island

  • Couples still together in 2023: 13
  • Success rate of couples formed on the show: 20%
  • Long-lasting love score: 43%

Love Island UK Season 10 was still on the air at the time of putting together our list, so the above calculations were based on data from the previous nine seasons of the popular British dating show. And the results aren’t very promising, indicating that what happens on Love Island tends to stay on Love Island. Less than half of the possible matches (44%) were made throughout the series, with only 9% of couples still very in love today.

Notable couple alert

Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland from Love Island 2016.
Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland from Love Island 2016. Source: Instagram @oliviadbowen

Perhaps you remember Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland from the 2016 installment? They were the first Love Island couple to get married—they’ve since welcomed a baby together. Dom Lever and Jess Shears, Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague, Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde, and Jamie Jewitt and Camilla Thurlow have also tied the knot since meeting on the show. It’s also worth noting that there are now six Love Island babies in total.

I want to stay there

Want to live your own Love Island fantasy? For the price of 787 USD per night, you can indulge in a stay at the latest season’s villa, Sa Vinyassa, located in Mallorca, Spain. This luxurious estate spans over 46 acres, offering 3,700 square feet of living space, complete with a pool, stunning views, and a surrounding natural landscape, providing the perfect fairytale-like retreat.

More Love Island vibes can be found in Corfu, Greece, where Season 3 of the Swedish edition was filmed. The villa was created exclusively for the show, so we sought out a similar stay—Villa Edoardo is nested on a green hill and enjoys spectacular mountain and sea views for 10,739 USD per week.

8. MILF Manor

  • Couples still together in 2023: 1
  • Success rate of couples formed on the show: 33%
  • Long-lasting love score: 40%*

This new American reality TV show premiered its inaugural episode on January 15, 2023, on TLC. The show gathered eight single women, aged between 40 and 60, at a villa in Baja California, Mexico, with the aim of helping them find love. As indicated by the title of the series, their potential partners were a couple of decades younger than them.

*Given that the series is still in its early stages, accurately determining its success rate is a bit of a challenge. However, during the course of the show, only three out of the eight women were able to find a partner. Now, about a year after the filming, it appears that only one of these couples has the potential to sustain a lasting relationship.

Notable couple alert

As social media doesn’t provide many clues, we can only optimistically assume that Pola Mochon and Ryan Jovan’s relationship is still intact.

I want to stay there

Orchid House Baja, Mexico.
Orchid House Baja, Mexico. Source: Instagram @orchidhousebaja

The Mexican villa featured in the reality TV show is the boutique hotel Orchid House Baja. For those interested in planning a romantic getaway, you have the option to stay in the Garden Suite at a weekly rate of 5,805 USD. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an even more luxurious experience, you can choose the Presidential Ocean Suite, which will set you back 8,973 USD per week.

9. Too Hot to Handle

  • Couples still together in 2023: 2
  • Success rate of couples formed on the show: 11%
  • Long-lasting love score: 37%

Fans of the Netflix dating show, Too Hot to Handle can now indulge in its latest season, Season 5, which premiered in July 2023. Over the past four seasons, a remarkable 62% of the potential couples chose to leave the villa together. However, the show has proven to be less conducive to finding lasting love, as only 7% of the couples from all previous seasons remain together to this day.

Notable couple alert

Emily Miller and Cam Holmes from Season 2, along with Kayla Richart and Seb Melrose from Season 4, are the only two couples who appear to have found lasting love on Too Hot to Handle.

I want to stay there

Emerald Pavilion in Turks and Caicos.
Emerald Pavilion in Turks and Caicos. Source: Instagram @coastarchitects

Both Season 4 and Season 5 of Too Hot to Handle were filmed at the luxurious Emerald Pavilion in Turks and Caicos. The cost for a week’s stay in this Caribbean villa is 35,700 USD, with a nightly rate of 5950 USD. The villa boasts five bedrooms and five bathrooms, accommodating a maximum of 12 guests. Among its lavish amenities are a fire pit, jacuzzi, sunbathing deck, infinity pool, gym, media room, outdoor BBQ, and a boat dock.

If you have extra-deep pockets, an alternative is the prized location where Too Hot to Handle Brazil was filmed. The first season was shot in Punta Mita, Mexico, at the world’s most expensive holiday home—Casa Tau. One day will cost you an eye-watering 16,738 USD (80,000 BRL).

Casa Tau in Punta Mita, Mexico.
Casa Tau in Punta Mita, Mexico. Source: Instagram @casataupuntamita

10. Ex on the Beach

  • Couples still together in 2023: 1
  • Success rate of couples formed on the show: 6%
  • Long-lasting love score: 21%

The British edition of Ex on the Beach concluded its 11th season in July 2023. To assess the show’s success, we analyzed its nine previous seasons (Season 10 was canceled) and its 176 contestants. Our findings reveal that the show has the lowest success rate among our selected top 10 shows. Over the course of these nine seasons, only 16 couples were formed, which amounts to less than one out of every five potential couples. As of July 2023, only one of these couples was still together.

Notable couple alert

In mid-July, Helen Briggs and Chet Johnson, who had reunited on Ex on the Beach Season 4, officially ended their relationship after eight years. This recent development has further decreased the show’s success rate. Briggs decided to break up with her longtime boyfriend, alleging that he had cheated on her. On the other hand, Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson’s relationship remains strong. The couple have two sons together and recently got married in early-2023.

I want to stay there

Coral Estate 303 in Banda Abou, Curaçao.
Coral Estate 303 in Banda Abou, Curaçao. Source: Instagram @coralestatecuracao

Season 11 of Ex on the Beach UK was filmed in Marbella, Spain. Although we couldn’t pinpoint the exact filming location, we did come across a luxurious alternative on the Costa del Sol—Villa Sascha, offering a week’s stay starting at 5,395 USD, which captures the same spirit as the show.

Fans who followed Ex on the Beach Double Dutch Allstars in 2019 may remember that the show was filmed in Banda Abou, Curaçao, at the stunning Coral Estate 303. This lavish villa sits on a 1.73-acre resort with breathtaking views of the Caribbean. It boasts impressive amenities such as a private beach, swimming pool, jacuzzi, nine bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a 450-square-foot cinema, and a spacious 1,500-square-foot living room. The villa can accommodate up to 20 guests and can be rented for approximately 6,640 USD per week.

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We analyzed ten globally popular dating shows, both with local editions and ongoing seasons. Data was collected from reputable sources such as Screenrant, Wikipedia, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, US Magazine, and other media outlets. Information includes the total number of contestants, potential and actual couples formed, remaining couples in 2023*, engagements, and marriages resulting from the shows. We calculated the percentage of couples formed, those still together in 2023, and overall success rates. Factors like the number of seasons were weighted to determine a final “long-lasting love score”.

* For Temptation Island and The Bachelorette, success rates were based on engagements and couples remaining together. We could only obtain accurate data for Ex on the Beach until Season 9. Seasons 10 (canceled) and 11 (too recent) were excluded from our statistics.

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