Lightning network symbol.
7 mins

Lightning Network: A better way to pay with Bitcoin

Improvements to the Lightning Network have made it easy to pay by Bitcoin with a low fee.
Numerous Bitcoin logos daisy-chained together.
4 mins

What is a Bitcoin node and who needs one?

The Bitcoin network does not have a central authority that decides which transactions are valid and which are not....
A Twitter icon tweets a Bitcoin logo from her mouth.
1 min

Eight women in Bitcoin you should follow on Twitter

The old cliche that there are few women in Bitcoin is getting a bit tiring. Plenty of women contribute...
1 min

ExpressVPN’s all encompassing, jargon-busting Bitcoin glossary

Much like the internet, the Bitcoin network introduced a vast array of new words to explain its unique functionality....
A melting Bitcoin.
2 mins

What makes a cryptocurrency Bitcoin?

According to listings on, there are now six major cryptocurrencies that all claim to be Bitcoin, and more...
Download ExpressVPN's Bitcoin book
1 min

ExpressVPN publishes the ultimate Bitcoin security eBook

We are proud to announce Lexie’s Bitcoin - Security and Privacy eBook. The book includes some of the thoughts...
Bitcoin's multisig wallets and how to use them
6 mins

How to use Bitcoin’s multisignature wallets

A Bitcoin generally can only be spent by its owner as identified through their public key hash, e.g., their...
North Korea and Bitcoin
6 mins

Meet Federico Tenga: The guy who teaches North Koreans about Bitcoin

Despite being the most hermetic country on Earth, North Korea is certainly no stranger to cyberspace—in both its uses...
How to make an anonymous payment
4 mins

How to make Bitcoin Anonymous

Bitcoin is both an anonymous payment system and a transparent, open network where anyone can track and verify transactions. How...
How many iPhones per Bitcoin?
1 min

iPhone vs. Bitcoin: Over the years, how many iPhones could you...

Between its inception in 2009 and today, Bitcoin has enjoyed a spectacular rise in value. First traded in early...
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10 mins

What is DNS hijacking?

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