A mobile device with a password.
6 mins

Guide to stronger passwords, Part 1 (two-factor authentication)

How to protect your online accounts better with two-factor authentication.
8 mins

Six big data security predictions for 2016

2015 was full of newsworthy cybersecurity breaches. Hackers revealed the names and credit card details of 33 million people...
The Kazakhstan flag, except with a padlock where the sun should be.
2 mins

How to stop the Kazakhstan government from intercepting your internet traffic

In mid 2019, internet users in Kazakhstan were issued with notices when they visited any HTTPS-encrypted websites, that warned...
3 mins

Is ransomware the greatest highway robber of the 21st century?

The days of a Dick Turpin type of character pulling you over on the side of the road and...
Eye in a cloud.
6 mins

Just looking? ISPs are watching you browse

You are being watched. From everything you ask Alexa to all your emails and passwords: If you don’t encrypt...
Pixel skull inside Dropbox logo.
3 mins

Soggy cardboard? Dropbox says it wasn’t hacked

Hundreds of Dropbox usernames and passwords were leaked on a Reddit thread, but the popular cloud service maintains it wasn't hacked.
8 mins
2 mins
10 mins
10 mins

What is DNS hijacking?

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