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Browsers vs search engines.
6 mins

What’s the difference between web browser and search engine?

They’re completely different products, but many people confuse the two as they are frequently used together.
Mobile apps and desktop websites.
3 mins

Is it better to use an app or a website?

App and website versions of services are different. In general, there are advantages to using mobile apps rather than websites.
Google logo over a laptop.
6 mins

How does Google know your location when you’re using a VPN?

Unlike most websites and apps, Google doesn’t only use your IP address to determine your location.
An eSIM embedded into a phone.
5 mins

What is eSIM? And how does it work?

The new iPhone series in the U.S. no longer takes physical SIM cards, instead relying on eSIM. Is it better?
A password being changed.
4 mins

How often should you change your passwords?

Actually, changing your passwords regularly could do more harm than good. Find out why.
A pencil erasing the user interface of Netflix.
4 mins

How to delete your Netflix history

Don’t want your friends and family to see what you’ve been watching?
A phone on fire.
4 mins

Should you get a burner phone?

Burner phones aren’t just for spies or criminals. Here’s why you might want to have one.
A computer infected by viruses from spam emails.
12 mins

How to stop receiving spam emails

Spam emails can steal your data, spread malware, or hijack your account. Here are 10 ways to keep them out of your life.
A browser within a browser.
3 mins

What is the browser-in-the-browser (BitB) attack?

Beware a new phishing technique to steal your single sign-on password.
Shadow of kid looking at screen.
11 mins

What are parental controls, and how to set it up on...

Want to limit your kids’ screen time and block mature content? Learn how to use parental controls to manage their devices.

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