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Dynamic vs. static (dedicated) IP: What’s the difference?

Everyone online has an IP address—dynamic or static (dedicated). Find out what they do and which is better.
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9 mins

Guide: How to use built-in parental controls on devices

Want to limit your kids’ screen time and block mature content? Learn how to use parental controls to manage their devices.
Protect your device.
3 mins

Tips to safeguard your privacy before a device repair

Handing your device over for repairs can be nerve-racking. Here are ways to keep your files, personal information, and images safe.
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3 mins

How to change sensitive-content settings on social media

Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube let you control sensitive or mature content that appears in your feed. Change these settings to see more or less of it.
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2 mins

Guide: When and how to reset your router

A router reset can be a quick fix for certain network issues or even malware threats.
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3 mins

These mood trackers log your voice, skin, brain waves, and more

A new wave of mental-health wearable devices detect distress in your body. Would you wear them?

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