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A lost phone.
4 mins

What you should do after losing your phone

Losing your phone is nerve-racking, but it’s best stay focused on getting it back and protecting your data.
Update icon with a question mark.
4 mins

Auto app updates: Pros and cons, and how to turn them...

Apps should be updated regularly to safeguard your device’s security. But should you set them to update automatically or manually?
App with a "delete" button.
3 mins

What you should do when deleting an app from your phone

Removing an app from your phone does not mean you’ve deleted your account on the service. The app maker still has your information.
Questioning a website's safety
4 mins

How to check if a website is safe: 6 quick tips

Want to know if the site you’re visiting is secure and legit before you buy something online? Here are a few easy ways to find out.
Hidden Wi-Fi name
3 mins

Should you hide your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) or not?

Will hiding your SSID keep your Wi-Fi network safe? The answer is no—and doing so will even bring more harm than good.
Amazon Astro
4 mins

Invasion of the home robots: Is our privacy safe?

Home robots like Amazon Astro can keep your home safe and entertain you. But behind those digital eyes, can someone else be watching?
IP addresses in an hourglass.
2 mins

Are we running out of IP addresses? 5 facts to know

Has the internet run out of IP addresses? Find out about IPv4 vs. IPv6, and why there are enough IPs to serve billions of internet users.
Radio frequencies.
3 mins

2.4 vs. 5 GHz Wi-Fi: Are you using the right one?

Most routers offer both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands. Which one you should use depends on the coverage area and speed you need.
A string of numbers.
3 mins

Dynamic vs. static (dedicated) IP: What’s the difference?

Everyone online has an IP address—dynamic or static (dedicated). Find out what they do and which is better.
Shadow of kid looking at screen.
9 mins

Guide: How to use built-in parental controls on devices

Want to limit your kids’ screen time and block mature content? Learn how to use parental controls to manage their devices.
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