Eight women in Bitcoin you should follow on Twitter

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A Twitter icon tweets a Bitcoin logo from her mouth.

The old cliche that there are few women in Bitcoin is getting a bit tiring. Plenty of women contribute to the technology, community, and investment side of what we consider one of the most exciting human developments of our century. Alongside VPNs, of course.

If you’re on twitter and not already following these women, do so now!

1. Elizabeth Stark (@starkness)

Elizabeth Stark has a long history of campaigning for digital rights. She has been an advocate of Bitcoin for a long time and is currently most famous for co-founding Lightning Labs, the fast and cheap payment network on top of Bitcoin.

2. Leigh Cuen (@La__Cuen)

Leigh is a columnist and reporter for Coindesk. She tweets about tech, social issues, and Bitcoin in the Middle East.

3. Mir Liponi (@mir_btc)

Mir is a Bitcoin maximalist at heart and will call out all the scammers, posers, and wannabe thought leaders in the ‘crypto’ space. She’s at the heart of Bitcoin pop-culture, too!

4. Lyn Ulbricht (@Free_Ross)

Lyn is the mother of Ross Ulbricht, who is currently serving a life sentence for allegedly creating and running the online drug market ‘the Silk Road’ in 2011. Lyn uses Twitter to spread awareness about the war on drugs, possible corruption around the trial of her son, and share messages from Ross himself.

5. Your Hydra (@BraveTheWorld)

For Your Hydra, Bitcoin is mainly a tool to bring down the state. Her tweets are about politics and social issues and how Bitcoin fits in with them.

6. Stacy Herbert (@stacyherbert)

Stacy is a presenter and producer most known for co-hosting the Keiser Report. She tweets about gold, Bitcoin, and financial markets.

7. Alena Vranova (@AlenaSatoshi)

Alena is a co-founder of Satoshi Labs. She writes mainly about individual autonomy, economics, and Bitcoin adoption worldwide.

8. Catheryne Nicholson (@Catheryne_N)

Catheryne is the CEO of Blockcypher, a platform for several easy-to-use APIs for Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum. She shares interesting news and articles about politics and Bitcoin in her feed.

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