Our new logo, coming to your ExpressVPN app

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ExpressVPN new logo with red background.

We’ve paid close attention to your feedback on our new app icon and are making a change. We know for years you have associated our app with the red color, so we decided to bring back the red background to make the app easier to find. The updated icon is coming soon to your apps.

We introduced the new logo as part of ExpressVPN’s new look. The revamped logo is a lowercase “e” in our new signature red. Its fluid lines convey speed and motion, reflecting our constant drive to deliver more—and more cutting-edge—privacy and security tools and technology to you.

The redesign is part of a new era for ExpressVPN, in which we’re launching an upgraded VPN experience with our groundbreaking VPN protocol, Lightway; our research center Digital Security Lab; and new functionality in our apps, including Protection Summary

In the coming months, we will be introducing more ways to increase your online privacy and security—beyond using a VPN. But first, keep an eye out for our new logo, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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