ExpressVPN now runs natively on Apple silicon Macs (M1 and M2)

ExpressVPN users can now enjoy the full performance benefits of Apple silicon Macs by updating to the latest Mac app
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Mac computer with the ExpressVPN interface.

The latest ExpressVPN app for macOS, v11.5.0, now comes with native support for all Apple silicon Macs—including the M1 and the M2. This means the ExpressVPN app works even more seamlessly on the newest Mac computer models, allowing users to enjoy a performance boost along with lower battery consumption.

The M series is Apple’s new generation of chips powering its latest devices, namely the M1 and the M2—the latter being only unveiled in June 2022. Apple claims that these chips bring significant CPU and GPU improvements in comparison with its previous technology. 

Apple silicon Macs are still new, and many apps do not yet have native support for them. Instead, these apps need to be “translated” by a software called Rosetta 2 so they can be used on Apple silicon. However, translated apps don’t work quite as well as native ones.

This is why we reworked our Mac VPN app to have native Apple silicon support. ExpressVPN users with Apple silicon Macs can now enjoy the full effects of improvements to their computers’ reliability, performance, speed, and battery life—just by updating to the latest version of our Mac app. 

If you are using an older, Intel-based Apple computer, our latest Mac app will continue to work just as well. The app is a universal binary that supports both architectures, and we encourage you to update to the latest version, too.

Download the latest version of ExpressVPN app for Mac now.

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