How to get unbanned from Omegle (or any other website)

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Beat forum bans

Are you blocked from Omegle?

There are legitimate reasons why any person might be erroneously banned from a site; they may share an IP address with a previously banned user, for instance.

There is a solution, though. All you need is a VPN that will change your IP address.

Here’s a thorough guide to beating the ban.

How how to get unbanned from omegle

Step 1:

That’s it.

Now just connect to any ExpressVPN location and you’re good to go. This isn’t just an Omegle VPN solution, however. The same method can be used to beat bans from any website that uses an IP address to block you.

How to get around IP Bans

A VPN works by creating a secure tunnel between your computer and every website or application online, allowing you to anonymously appear to be anywhere you choose.

Though ExpressVPN is a VPN service and not intended to be used as a means to bypass IP bans, there are circumstances in which you may find yourself unfairly blocked from a website. That’s where ExpressVPN can help.

If you end up on a website or forum’s banned IP address list, simply log in to ExpressVPN, change your location, and sign back into the website/forum with a different username.


Have you ever been unfairly banned from a website or forum? Share your stories in the comments below!

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