The 9 best ExpressVPN blogs of 2018

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2018 was a bumper year for ExpressVPN! Here’s the best of 2018 from the best VPN blog in town:

1. France is bidding adieu to Google in favor of a more private search engine

The Qwant logo in the colours of the French flag
The French National Assembly will stop using Google and instead use Qwant, an EU-based search engine known for its privacy.

2. Swedes are inserting tiny microchips under their skin

A Swedish flag fashioned to look like a thumbs up.
Fed up with carrying cumbersome keychains and bulky wallets? Why not implant tiny microchips into your fingers?

3. Mozilla and ExpressVPN announce partnership to provide VPN services

The Mozilla and ExpressVPN logos sit side by side, in partnership.
ExpressVPN is teaming up with Mozilla to build a more private and secure internet experience.

4. DuckDuckGo at 10: Looking ahead with CEO Gabriel Weinberg

The DuckDuckGo logo
Privacy-oriented search engine DuckDuckGo is growing fast and now serves up millions of searches daily. CEO Gabriel Weinberg gives ExpressVPN a glimpse of what we can expect from DuckDuckGo in the future.

5. 5 ways to immediately improve your online privacy and security

An image of a computer wrapped in chains
How much information do you unknowingly broadcast every day? Here’s how you can strengthen your online privacy in minutes.

6. Most Americans distrust voting systems, news and social media

A ballot box covered in the stars and stripes of the U.S.A.
Results from an ExpressVPN survey before the midterm elections show a lack of faith in voting systems as well as information sources.

7. What are DNS leaks?

What is a DNS leak?
A DNS leak is when your VPN connection reveals some or all information about your DNS requests to a third party. Here’s how ExpressVPN stops DNS leaks.

8. 8 ways the NSA is spying on you right now

A security camera stamped with the U.S. flag.
The spying powers of the National Security Agency have broadened since the Patriot Act. Here are eight ways the NSA could be spying on you right now.

9. Essential fashion items you’ll need to fight a surveillance state

Some pixelated people in a crowd
Staying private in real life can be difficult. Luckily, ExpressVPN’s Lexie has some top fashion tips for those us who want to keep private but still look fabulous.

2019 promises to be just as splendid!

With some cracking blogs and interviews already lined up, and more great articles planned, 2019 promises to perhaps surpass 2018!

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Johnny 5 is the founding editor of the blog and writes about pressing technology issues. From important cat privacy stories to governments and corporations that overstep their boundaries, Johnny covers it all.