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FTC study: ISPs share far more user data than you’d expect

The FTC has found that internet service providers 'unnecessarily' collect data, and often for ad targeting on behalf of third parties.
A laptop with a camera above it.
4 mins

Guide: Protect your privacy at the workplace

Employer monitoring increased with the emergence of Covid-19, and it’s likely here to stay. Here are tips to maintain some of your personal privacy.
A door with the Apple logo.
3 mins

Explainer: Apple’s plans to scan your iPhone photos

Apple will soon start scanning all photos before they get uploaded to iCloud Photos. Find out how this affects you and how to stay private.
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2 mins

What is Pegasus spyware? And how to protect your phone

Pegasus is phone hacking software used by governments. Read how it can be secretly installed on your phone remotely.
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3 mins

7 technologies that ruin everything

Did e-readers ruin reading? Did dating apps ruin dating? Did streaming services ruin movie-going? Our blog writers weigh in on what technology has taken from their real-life experiences.
ioXt Alliance logo with check mark.
1 min

ExpressVPN receives ioXt certification for security

ExpressVPN has become one of the select few VPN apps to receive certification from the ioXt Alliance for its security standards.
Crypto falling into a trap.
5 mins

Is that a crypto wallet app—or a scam?

Beware of fake crypto wallet apps, which abound in Apple and Google’s app stores, as ExpressVPN's Digital Security Lab has found.
Apple and Android symbols with a book.
1 min

ExpressVPN adds help guides to its iOS and Android apps

At ExpressVPN, we take pride in our customer support, offered by real people working around the clock.  Recently, we’ve made...
An illustration of an erasor wiping away the Google logo.
3 mins

3.2 million ‘right to be forgotten’ requests since 2014

The largest number of requests has been to remove a person’s professional information from search results—and they’re usually rejected.
A representation of the lines a computer makes across a face when trying to search for identifying features.
1 min

Infographic: The rise of facial recognition in airports

In a recent post, we spotlighted the growing use of face scans as a form of identification in airports,...

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