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ExpressVPN's Black Friday VPN Deal 2022
2 mins

ExpressVPN’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal 2022 (plus shopping tips)

Get 3 extra months FREE with an annual subscription. Then use ExpressVPN to get the best deals on everything else this Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
8 mins

What is an SSL stripping attack? And how to prevent it

Learn more about SSL stripping attacks, how they work, and how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of it.
Clipboard with password fields and checkmarks.
1 min

Take these tests to verify your password security

Most websites require a “minimum” password strength. For example, you might have to create a password with a minimum...
Broken password field.
3 mins

How hackers get passwords

If all you knew about hacking came from TV and movies, you could be forgiven for thinking hackers steal...
Password field with Steam logo.
1 min

How to reset your Steam password

If you’re serious about gaming, losing access to your Steam account would be a disaster. Here's how you can reset your password.
Password field with a magnifying glass.
2 mins

How websites check your password

Most modern websites hash passwords. This process converts any string of data into a seemingly random, unreadable string of data.
Amazon logo in a trash can.
3 mins

How to permanently delete your Amazon account

Like most Big Tech companies, Amazon doesn’t make it easy to stop using their services. But with a little...
Key with a price tag.
6 mins

What is ransomware, and how to prevent it?

Ransomware is a form of malware that uses encryption to hold your data hostage. Here are ways to fix malware and prevent attacks.
A scraper scraping an image.
6 mins

Data scraping: A (mostly) legal way to harvest your information

Data scraping has been a method used in recent data leaks. Find out how it works and how it impacts your privacy.
How my ISP cost me my job.
4 mins

Dystopian data: How my search history cost me my job

The following is part of a fictitious series that looks at the dangers of internet privacy abuse. ExpressVPN delves...
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