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Skull on a virtual shopping cart.
5 mins

What are Amazon unauthorized purchase scams?

Here’s how to spot—and avoid—one of the most common Amazon scams.
Robot with call symbols for eyes.
8 mins

7 ways to stop spam calls and robocalls

Fraudsters have your phone ringing day and night? Reclaim your sanity by blocking them. Here’s how.
Get free Wi-Fi anywhere.
6 mins

How to get free Wi-Fi anywhere (At Home & Outside)

Tips for when you desperately need an internet connection while on the go.
VR goggles in the metaverse.
3 mins

The metaverse explained: Definition, examples, and how it works

It’s mentioned everywhere—but what does the metaverse even mean? Here’s everything you should know about the latest tech buzzword.
House-shaped padlock with Wi-Fi icon
3 mins

4 reasons you need a VPN at home

When it comes to staying safe online at home, a VPN is your best friend.
Phone mobile hotspot.
3 mins

How to keep your mobile hotspot secure

Connecting to the internet using a portable router or hotspots created with your phone? There are easy ways to protect those connections.
5 mins

Guide to Facebook’s new privacy settings

Where did Facebook’s Privacy Settings go? The answer: everywhere.
Disappearing messages with a countdown timer.
7 mins

How to use disappearing messages on your chat apps

Don’t want your online messages accessible forever? Here’s how to make them disappear on WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, and more.
App icons with dollar signs.
6 mins

Before you download: Is that app a scam?

Scam apps are everywhere, even on the App Store and Google Play Store. Here’s what they do and how to avoid them.
Magnifying glass over a computer keyboard.
1 min

To log in, just type. How typing biometrics makes life easier

The way you type is unique, and it might soon become a convenient method to authenticate your identity when you sign in to your accounts.
4 mins
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5 mins

Is Reddit safe?

10 mins
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