Keith Fong

Keith enjoys reading technology news, playing football, and consuming unwholesome amounts of steak. Preferably at the same time.

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The benefits and risks of voice technology
3 mins

The Siri-ous benefits and dangers of voice technology

“Hey, Siri” Ask any iOS user if they’ve uttered the above, and they’ll share personal anecdotes of sketchy queries and...
december premier league
4 mins

How to watch the top december English Premier League games

It may not be Christmas for another month, but Santa must be in a good mood this year. Why?...
The Investigatory Powers Bill, British Parliament November 2016.
3 mins

UK Investigatory Powers Bill: 3 implications for your privacy

The new bill gives Britain surveillance power unmatched by any western democracy. How will the Snooper’s Charter affect privacy?
november premier league
4 mins

How to watch the top November English Premier League games

As the calendar turns from October to November, we have yet another exciting month of English Premier League games...
2016 top privacy movies
7 mins

Edward Snowden, Captain America, and privacy in the reel world

What do a former U.S. government contractor, an amnesiac spy, a super soldier with a large “A” on his...
Best security apps for iOS
4 mins

The 4 best apps to properly secure your iPhone in 2018

The March 2016 court case of Apple vs. the FBI made it clear that it’s not easy to break...
october premier league
4 mins

How to watch the top English Premier League games in October

The 2016-17 Premier League season may not even be two months old, but it’s already delivered a smattering of...
PPTP, L2TP, UDP, TCP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, SSTP in speech bubbles.
4 mins

PPTP, L2TP, and a plethora of VPN protocols

UDP? TCP? OMG! While they may appear to be intimidating, VPN protocols are quite easy to understand and essential to...
top 3 premier league games of september
3 mins

How to watch the Manchester Derby and other top games in...

Looking to watch Premier League football? Check out ExpressVPN’s stream sports page to see how you can watch all...
8 mins

ExpressVPN’s 2016-17 college football primer – part 2

Last week, ExpressVPN looked at the top teams, players, and storylines for four of the “Power Five” conferences. But...

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