Keith Fong

Keith enjoys reading technology news, playing football, and consuming unwholesome amounts of steak. Preferably at the same time.

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ExpressVPN’s 2016-17 college football primer – part 1

You’ve waited. You’ve prayed. Now, it’s official: College football is back! With Alabama vs. USC, Notre Dame vs. Texas,...
5 mins

Rejoice! The 2016-17 English Premier League is here!

The wait is over! After an offseason that saw the hiring of 7 new managers and a frenzy of...
User icon with frustration lines emanating from their globe head.
6 mins

5 ways online services manipulate you

We explore common tactics that internet services use to sell you things you might not have chosen otherwise.
5 mins

Is Craig Wright the man behind Bitcoin?

Will the real Satoshi please stand up? That’s the question on everyone’s minds this week after Australian computer scientist and...
2 mins

White House catches up with 21st century tech

Do you have any of the following hardware in your home? A modern desktop phone? Reliable Wi-Fi? A color...

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