Announcing: New lunar VPN server location for April 2014

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Edited April 2, 2014:

The Lunar Jig Is Up! Happy April Fool’s Day Everyone!

Hi everyone! Thanks for tuning into our April Fool’s prank, and for sharing it with others. We hope it made you laugh!

Let us know what you thought of our joke and watch this space for news, updates, tips and tricks.

—ExpressVPN Team

Original post: 

Thanks to your suggestions for higher security, we’re delighted to announce a brand new, ultra-secure server location on The Moon. For those concerned about security and privacy, the lunar server is the perfect server for you.

Why you should connect to our moon location:

  • No earthling can monitor you as the lunar server is outside of any country’s jurisdiction
  • Great speeds from anywhere in the world, expedited by the strong pull between the earth and the moon

To connect, simply open the ExpressVPN app on your computer or smartphone device, and you will see “The Moon” in the list of server locations.

In the Windows and Mac apps, you’ll see The Moon in the server locations list:

On the iPhone, go to Settings > VPN and choose The Moon from the list.

In the Android app, you can find The Moon under the locations list.

We hope you love our revolutionary new server. Needless to say, getting our server on the moon was not without its challenges. We’ll be following up this post with a behind-the-scenes account about how we built and deployed our lunar server. Leave a comment to let us know what kinds of speeds you’re getting! We find that our speeds vary depending on the phases of the moon.

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