5 videos you can watch before the holidays to become an internet privacy expert

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It’s that time of year again! All across the globe, people are returning home to celebrate the holidays with their families. Tipsy grandpas will divulge terrible secrets, harried mothers will botch festive pies, and all the hungry people are waiting at the dinner table will get…competitive.

As some Russian author probably meant to write: “All apathetic families are the same; each competitive family is competitive in its own way.” Some families play Monopoly, some play charades, and others just sit around trying to be smarter than each other.

Here at ExpressVPN, we have a novel suggestion for how to one-up your loved ones: Prove that you know the most about internet privacy. To give you a leg up, we’ve even compiled a cheat sheet in the form of five ExpressVPN videos you can binge watch on any train, plane, or automobile on your route home. That way, you can spout interesting privacy-related things as soon as you waltz through the door.

1. Public Wi-Fi is dangerous

Hackers can get your password over public Wi-Fi, even in some instances where sites use HTTPS. Watch below and see how Natalie learned that the hard way. Jeepers!

2. Web proxies aren’t as great as you remember

Were you one of those kids who used a web proxy to access Facebook (or MySpace or Xanga) from the school computer lab? As it turns out, proxies haven’t aged well, especially when compared with modern VPNs.

3. No, split tunneling is not some terrifying dental procedure

Contrary to popular belief, split tunneling is not something you have to worry about as your gums age. It’s actually a super cool feature for VPN routers and apps.

4. Law enforcement should stop requesting backdoor access to smartphones

A number of high profile criminal cases have prompted law enforcement to ask tech companies like Apple to give them backdoor access to smartphones. As ExpressVPN explains, that’s a bad idea.

5. Even your Instafamous little cousin has a reason to think about internet privacy

Apparently young people barely use Facebook anymore—instead, they opt for visually driven platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. However, creepers always be creepin’, so it’s a good idea for the kids to keep privacy in mind as they publish their lives for the world to see.


Which of the videos was your favorite? Are there any topics you think the folks on the ExpressVPN YouTube channel should tackle in 2018? Share in the comments below!

Also, happy holidays!