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When you enable the biometric unlock feature, you can access your logins stored in ExpressVPN Keys without typing your primary password, making it easier for you to take control of your password security.

ExpressVPN Keys (ExpressVPN’s password manager) was built according to industry best practices for secure apps and cloud infrastructure, including conducting extensive threat models and security assessments. It has also been independently audited by cybersecurity experts (like Cure53) to ensure it delivers the highest standards in protecting your personal data.

ExpressVPN Keys cannot access your biometrics data

ExpressVPN Keys is only notified about whether the biometric authentication is successful or not by iOS. It can neither access nor store any data associated with the enrolled biometrics.

Learn more about how Apple handles biometrics security for Touch ID and Face ID.

Your primary password keeps your data protected

The biometric unlock feature does not replace your ExpressVPN Keys primary password or weaken the security of ExpressVPN Keys.

Even when the biometric unlock feature is enabled, your data stored in ExpressVPN Keys is always encrypted with your primary password and protected at all times by zero-knowledge encryption. Learn more about the security of ExpressVPN Keys.

Biometrics and primary password security for iOS

When you enable the biometric unlock feature:

  • Your primary password is securely stored in the Secure Enclave and can only be accessed by the ExpressVPN app, but not any other apps or services.
  • Upon successful biometric authentication, ExpressVPN Keys gets access to the primary password stored in the Secure Enclave and uses it to unlock your logins.

When you disable the biometric unlock feature:

The primary password held in the Secure Enclave is deleted immediately.

When signing out of or uninstalling the ExpressVPN iOS app:

Your primary password is deleted from the Secure Enclave when you sign out of the app. While the primary password remains stored in the Secure Enclave when you delete the app, it can’t be accessed or used by other apps.

When a new biometric is added to your iOS device:

You will no longer be able to unlock ExpressVPN Keys with biometrics, until you enter your primary password again. This ensures your logins are safe even if someone is able to add their biometrics to your device without your consent.

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