3 mins

Pixels in images can hack your computer – #WTFWednesday

What’s so dangerous about looking at a picture file in your web browser? In the past, nothing. You loaded the...
Red fist with cascadings numbers.
4 mins

3 non-profits that fight for your digital rights

Here's a roundup of groups taking a stand for our digital freedom by fighting censorship and privacy violations.
Kitten laying on grass.
3 mins

5 parts of your body that betray your identity

Find out which five parts of your body might be giving away your identity, thanks to advances in biometrics.
3 mins Too good to be true?

Mark Zuckerberg never sleeps. With Facebook now topping 1.44 billion active users worldwide, the founder of the social network could...
how the NSA spies on you
3 mins

Wikimedia Foundation & rights groups sue NSA over mass surveillance

The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit behind Wikipedia, has announced its intention to file a lawsuit against the NSA.
Uber logo on car dashboard background.
3 mins

Literally malware? The figurative explosion of Uber’s app

The internet is blowing up with discussion over Uber's app, mobile permissions, and what it really means to be malware.
Encryption title on binary code background.
3 mins

Your data, your rules: The encryption of everything

Who owns your data? The common sense answer is obvious, but isn't always true: in certain situations, law enforcement...
Edward Snowden
3 mins

New documentary shining light on Snowden: Citizenfour

Laura Poitras looks to run headlong into the firestorm created by Snowden and the NSA to show a different version of the man painted technology turncoat.
ExpressVPN National Cyber Security Month.
9 mins

ExpressVPN supports National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014

Did you know? October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. During October, Stay Safe Online is encouraging everybody to...
6 mins

Our thoughts on the EU’s “right to be forgotten” ruling

Read up on what this ruling means for free speech and privacy in general.

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