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An illustratoin of the Stars nd Stripes, but the Facebook F replaces all the stars.

Governments are demanding user data from Facebook in record numbers

4 min read
According to Facebook’s latest transparency report, government requests for user data reached their highest level ever in the first...
A white coin-shaped circle on a purple background. Within the coin-shaped circle are the three wavy lines of the Libra logo.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency has governments scrambling

5 min read
There are over 2,000 cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain instruments commonly traded on more than 250 platforms around the world....
A profile of a shouting person.

Why Facebook is the tool of choice for government manipulation

3 min read
The Global Disinformation Order, a new study by the Oxford Internet Institute, confirms our worst fears about governments’ use...
The Facebook logo with a bite taken from it, similar to Apple's logo.

Wozniak says we should get off Facebook but why should Zuckerberg...

5 min read
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is the latest tech celebrity to urge users to purge their Facebook account, suggesting that...
An illustration of money pouring from a wallet bearing the initials MZ.

Profits rise, but Facebook’s poor privacy could still cost Zuckerberg

2 min read
Countless privacy breaches don’t seem to have taken their toll on Mark Zuckerberg’s wallet. Though Facebook was largely expected to...
Two speech bubbles overlapping with a lock in the overlap.

EFF wants Facebook and 8 other giants to #FixItAlready. We asked...

6 min read
Perhaps the worst aspect of the privacy and security issues plaguing the tech we use every day is that they...
The logos of Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp linked together.

Could Facebook’s messenger merger signal dark days for WhatsApp users?

4 min read
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently announced plans to merge his three dominant messaging services: Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp....
Facebook Meme Challenge Data Mining

Facebook’s 10-Year Challenge went from nostalgic to dystopian real quick

4 min read
A seemingly innocuous photo op with a potentially seedy underside, the 10-Year Challenge is the latest Facebook fad to...
An image of Facebook downvoting ad blockers

Facebook vs. ad blockers: No matter who wins, you lose

3 min read
In the latest chapter of Facebook’s war against ad blockers, developers have reported that the social media king has...
The Facebook Messenger logo with a red dot to indicate a new message has arrived. But there's a twist! The red do features an encryption key.

Facebook finally stands up for privacy as the U.S. government demands...

2 min read
The U.S. Department of Justice wants Facebook to break the end-to-end encryption of its Messenger chat app so the...

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