4 mins

Facebook Messenger: How to delete and deactivate in 2023

Done with Messenger? Here’s what you need to know about stopping your account.
7 mins

Facebook Marketplace scams: How to spot them and protect yourself

Facebook Marketplace is a hotspot for scams of all types, from counterfeit goods to fake rentals. Learn how to spot and protect yourself from these scams.
How To Delete Facebook
7 mins

Delete Facebook account instantly and permanently in 2023

Ready to say goodbye to Facebook for good? This guide will teach you how to permanently delete your account.
delete social media apps and online accounts
2 mins

How to delete your Facebook account, Google search history, and more

Need to delete your Facebook account? Remove everything Google knows about you? Here's how!
4 mins

Netflix, Facebook, and Instagram, but for kids?

Some of the biggest tech companies like Netflix and Meta are creating versions of their platforms for young children. Good idea/bad idea?
Phone receiver in the Facebook logo.
3 mins

Is Facebook listening to you?

Facebook has an uncanny propensity to show you ads for products you were just talking about. How do they do it?
A faceprint.
3 mins

Explainer: Facebook is shutting down its facial recognition system

Facebook has used the countless photos that people have added to their profiles and feeds to build a huge database of faces—soon to be deleted.
5 mins

Guide to Facebook’s new privacy settings

Where did Facebook’s Privacy Settings go? The answer: everywhere.
10 times Facebook violated your privacy.
5 mins

10 times Facebook violated your privacy

To say that Facebook has a less-than-stellar reputation for privacy is understating it. Here are some major instances where the company didn’t guard your data.
Smartwatch, smart glasses, and wristband with the Facebook logo.
2 mins

Facebook wearables are coming. Would you want them?

If you thought Facebook knew too much about you, wait till it launches hardware products like fitness trackers, smart glasses, and neural wristbands.

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