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ExpressVPN is proud to stand with OpenMedia in its many projects aimed at protecting the internet.

Founded in 2008, OpenMedia is a tireless campaigner for all online freedoms everywhere.

If you want to stand up for a free internet, OpenMedia is a great place to start.

OpenMedia campaigns include:

Victory! Internet is a basic service for all Canadians!

Canadians wanted universal internet access, support for rural communities, world-class speeds, unlimited data options, and minimum guarantees for the quality of their internet. And with OpenMedia’s help, they got it all!

OpenMedia led a nearly 50,000 strong movement in support of internet as a basic service. In fact, a stunning 95% of the comments to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CTRC) proceeding came from OpenMedia supporters!

This is the first time since the telephone that the CRTC has named a basic service. Now, all Canadians, no matter where they live, must have access to reliable, world-class mobile and residential internet services.

Defend the Internet

The open internet is under intense attack right now. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)—the body that’s supposed to protect Americans’ access to the web, ensuring it’s free and fair—is under new leadership.

The new FCC head, Ajit Pai, has Big Telecom’s interests at heart. Key protections that ensure the neutrality of the web have already been turned back. But still, Big Telecom companies want more, including the power to force some of your favorite websites into an “internet slow lane.”

Say no to that vision of the internet.

Community Broadband initiative

Canada’s internet access compares unfavorably with other nations. But OpenMedia wants to work with the people to build community broadband.
The aim is a more affordable internet for all.

Save Our Security: C-51 (the govt.’s reckless spying law)


OpenMedia has made an impact at the government’s National Security Consultations and represented the privacy interests of Canadians. Last year they were able to:

  • Attend and testify at the government’s Standing Committee meetings on National Security
  • Participate in person at government consultations for experts, academics and business leaders;
  • Build the Save Our Security online tool which enabled thousands of Canadians to participate in the government’s online consultation process
  • Launch a first-of-its-kind Click to Call tool. A powerful new tool empowering Canadians to call their MPs regarding C-51 with a click of their mouse.

Along with thousands of Canadians, OpenMedia pressured the government to publicly release 59,000 national security consultation results and publish a ‘summary report.’

The government has bowed to the pressure and publicly released the first half of the responses.

To build on the success, OpenMedia built a crowdsourcing tool to allow the public to independently analyze all 59,000 results from our National Security Consultations. This massive amount of data will be available and easy-to-digest for the first time.

The campaign will paint a clear picture of what Canadians can expect the government to with regards C-51 and oppressive bulk surveillance.


Leaked documents reveal the UK Home Office’s secret plan to gain real-time access to text messages and online communications. There have even been controversial attempts to force companies like WhatsApp to break the security on its own software.

This reckless surveillance plan will make everyone more vulnerable to attacks like the recent ransomware assault against the NHS.

Get involved with OpenMedia’s Save Our Security UK campaign.

Border Privacy in the U.S.

Right now, politicians are considering whether or not to support the Protecting Data at the Border Act, which would stop U.S. border guards from looking through your phone or laptop without a warrant.

Lobbyists are trying to convince politicians that people don’t mind this practice.

Get involved in the debate here!

OpenMedia published a definitive TPP Report

The TPP has been a disaster for Canada. After five years of negotiations and untold millions spent, the agreement has fallen apart in the face of widespread public outrage from citizens in every TPP nation.

Thousands shared their views with the government during TPP consultations— ow it’s time to take action based on the people’s feedback.

In 2017, Canada will begin to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), enter talks for a free trade agreement with China, and explore opening a direct trade relationship with the UK.

These critical conversations follow the same flawed path as the TPP.

OpenMedia hopes to move towards a new framework for negotiating trade: one that rebuilds public trust in government processes and invites Canadians to be partners in consultation.

The time is now to ensure our approach produces open, progressive trade.

ExpressVPN is a proud sponsor of OpenMedia

OpenMedia works to keep the internet open, affordable, and surveillance-free. ExpressVPN will continue to support their great initiatives and campaigns for a better internet for everyone.

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