The ExpressVPN 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


ExpressVPN is confident you’ll enjoy the Internet much more with the added security and privacy a VPN offers.

Which is why you get a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

The support team is always available, 7 days a week, to offer you the best possible service.

But if you’re not happy within 30 days of signing up, for any reason, just contact support and ExpressVPN will give you a full refund.

Simple as that.

Contact Support

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  1. ExpressVPN is a godsend in Asia… it’s freaking fast… so thank you to all those back-end, front-end, and IT support who makes our lives so much easier in such a censored part of the world… 30-day trial will turn into lifetime loyal customer, just please continue to beat the GFW.

  2. I live in Australia and I wanted to know if this will change my Netflix from Australian to US? If it does, will I be able to watch US Netflix?

  3. I just got my refund processed and wanted to leave a review for future users, especially for China users.

    1. Ken processed my request in 5 minutes. He asked why I wanted a refund (connection speed slow), then proceeded to ask if I wanted him to help me resolve this (no, I’d already tried the solutions yesterday without any result). He then put through the request. As my credit card had not yet sent my initial payment to Express, he would try to void the payment entirely to save me the hassle. If that couldn’t be done, I’d receive my refund within 7 working days of them receiving the payment, which is very normal. All in all, very well handled and kudos on the professionalism.

    2. I’m trying to connect using a 10MB/s connection from Guangzhou in the southern part of China. In my experience, connection to normal websites was very fast. However, I got this mainly for YouTube which was either too slow (ave. 20KB/s or at best 100KB/s via L2TP Toronto). Sometimes YouTube simply couldn’t load at all (PPTP HK). I know the YouTube issue isn’t on my end, as I regularly get 8MB/s downloads off Steam and 10MB/s for Star Citizen.

    3. The Great Firewall evolves, so this might change in the future. Every part of China effects VPNs slightly differently. Do to try ExpressVPN, you might be pleasantly surprised, and refunding is painless.

    • Bummed that it didn’t work out between you and me, but very happy we can be friends 🙂 <3

      In all seriousness, though, thanks for your feedback, KC!

  4. Hi,

    My english is not very good but I will try to explain the reason that I want my money back. My ISP seemed to have a problem with their connection near my location, that problem persisted for 2 months and made me think that they were throttling, and because of that I decided to purchase your service to see if that would solve my problem.

    Fortunately, They weren’t throttling and it seems that they fixed the problem because they called me and explained me the situation I had. Now I have 5 days without any connection problem and I don’t see a reason to continue using your product.

    I want to know what is the process to follow in order to get my money back.


  5. It’s really unstable and slow. Have to delete the VPN profile every time I cannot connect and then reinstall again every time.

    • We’re sorry to hear you are having connection issues. Kindly send us your connection log file (Save Log) to support[at]expressvpn[dot]zendesk[dot]com so that we can properly diagnose the problem.


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