How to find cheap airline tickets


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Now that 2016 is truly up and running, it’s time to think about saving for that 2016 holiday you’ve been dreaming about! ExpressVPN took time out of our busy schedule to find some secret tips and tricks to hack your way to cheaper air fares.

Tips for Cheaper air tickets

We used our Windows VPN app to change our IP location and see what the fare differences were using a flight on Expedia.

how to find cheap airfare

The Results?

We found a staggering $2,176.82 difference in flight prices when using a VPN! So next time you’re booking a flight, keep this in mind! Use ExpressVPN to reduce the costs of your plane ticket now!

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  3. Very comprehensive infographics. We know from experience that the ticket sites are trying to get the maximum benefit of the client. Its diverse range price. Really good advice, wanting to get a better price for the flight and overpay for a ticket.

  4. This is a really great infographic! I will use your method from now on. I just hate when the price changes for me overnight just because they know I’ve been looking for it 🙁


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