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Today is Safer Internet Day, an initiative started by the EU SafeBorders project in 2004 that promotes a safer, more positive internet experience, especially for children. The day has grown to become an internationally recognized observance that shines a spotlight on issues pertaining to cyberbullying, social networking, and digital identity. 

Many of you reading this article grew up with the internet. For the generations of children that followed who grew up in the internet, the digital landscape is completely different. That’s why education surrounding technology and cyber threats is now regularly taught in schools around the world. 

To mark Safer Internet Day, we’ve compiled a collection of free and fun online resources that can help kids learn to recognize and defend against perceived threats.

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Cyber safety activities and games


Be Internet Awesome by Google

Access resources: here

Interland is an online game developed by Google that teaches kids about digital citizenship and internet safety. Interland includes four locations: Kind Kingdom, to teach kids that the internet is an amplifier for spreading positivity or negativity; Reality River, to teach kids how to determine what is real or fake online; Mindful Mountain, to teach kids about what they should and shouldn’t share online; and lastly the Tower of Treasure, to teach kids about the importance of safeguarding their personal information. 

Cybersmart Challenge

Australian eSafety Commissioner

Access resources: here

The Cybersmart Challenge was developed by The Office of the eSafety Commissioner, an independent Australian regulator for online safety. The course supplies videos and lesson plans that address cyberbullying, unwanted online contact, critical thinking, and protecting personal information.  

Education Arcade

Education Arcade Ltd.

Access resources: here

Founded by an IT professional who is an avid gamer, Education Arcade is a gamified learning experience for kids that includes various games and quizzes. Topics covered include password security, phishing, and invoice scams. Please note that while the quizzes can be played on mobile and desktop computers, the games can currently only be played on desktop computers.

Cyber Games UK

The National Crime Agency

Access resources: here

Welcome to Cyberland, a fictional town in which players can learn about different aspects of cybersecurity. Developed by the National Crime Agency in the United Kingdom, each game in the Cyber Games UK collection tackles a different type of cyberattack. This includes malware, codebreaking, data leaks, passwords, and network security.

Cyber safety videos for kids

Internet Safety for Children

WNS Cares Foundation

Watch video: here

Duration: 04:56

The WNS Cares Foundation (WCF) is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of WNS Global Services, a Mumbai-based business process management company. The WCF focuses on collaborating with schools, teachers, and parents to aid less-privileged children and youth. Their Internet Safety for Children video presentation is a fantastic introduction for children on how to stay safe online.

Cybersecurity 101


Watch video: here

Duration: 03:52

As with any PBS content, Cybersecurity 101 presents a fascinating and easy to watch introduction to the history of the internet, the birth of viruses, and everything that has led to the current cybersecurity landscape. Further materials are supplied should your kids have extra questions about the video.

Responsible Use of Technology for Kids

Smile and Learn

Watch video: here

Duration: 11:45

An excellent primer for kids on what the internet can offer—good and bad. Perhaps the most important lessons here are the responsible uses of personal technology devices, how to recognize signs of cyberbullying, and how to spot fake news. 

Being Safe on the Internet


Watch video: here

Duration: 02:57

Produced by AMAZE, an organization that provides information on puberty for tweens and their parents. This introduces kids to the dangers of strangers on the internet and how to avoid them. 

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