ExpressVPN’s new-look blog!

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The new ExpressVPN blog logo

Regular readers may notice that we launched a fancy new blog earlier in the week.

We hope it’s a more modern design and allows easier access to what people like to read.

There’s also a new category called VPN_Tech. This is where you can find a more in-depth and meaty look at VPN technology and the work of our impeccable devs.

New author pages

All the blog authors now have their own pages, where you can get to know them a bit better (if you wish). All authors will reply to comments left on their blogs, and you can even give them a clap to let them know you’ve liked their material!

How-To guides

We have published some thorough guides over the years, including an all-you-need-to-know compendium of Bitcoin information and numerous posts on how to delete your Facebook account, Google search history, and more.

There’s also Lexie’s tech safety for survivors of domestic violence articles, which we are particularly proud of.

Do you like the new design?

Let us know what you think! Please leave a comment or a clap below. We’d love to hear from you, and we promise to reply.

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