ExpressVPN launches password manager to empower users with better online security

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  • Keys is a full-featured password manager available to all ExpressVPN users from today—no extra app or subscription required
  • New security white paper details Keys’ security design for greater trust and transparency
  • Official launch of Keys expands ExpressVPN’s position as an all-in-one privacy and security suite of tools, all via a single app and subscription

British Virgin Islands; 6 November, 2023—Digital privacy and security leader ExpressVPN today announced the official launch of its password manager, ExpressVPN Keys. Developed with security and convenience in mind, Keys helps people take control of their passwords so they can enjoy a secure, effortless online experience. 

Starting today, Keys is available to all new and existing ExpressVPN users, on all devices and subscription plans, at no additional cost. Keys is integrated into the ExpressVPN apps for iOS and Android, and available as a browser extension on computers. It’s more protection in a single app and subscription.

“Passwords are an inescapable part of our online lives. But despite their importance, a huge number of people still have bad password habits, relying on repeated use of the same password or the dreaded password reset button as their security method of choice,” said Samuel Bultez, head of product, ExpressVPN. “With the introduction of ExpressVPN Keys, we want to help more of our users take their first steps into password best practice, making it simple and easy for people to manage their passwords with a brand they trust.” 


Built with trust, convenience, and security in mind

A recent study shows that the majority of smartphone users download zero apps per month. People feel they already have a lot of apps on their devices, and they are also finding it hard or overwhelming to discover and use new apps.

This is why ExpressVPN has taken a fresh and innovative approach to online privacy and security. Instead of offering its new password manager as a separate app like other providers, Keys is integrated into the existing ExpressVPN apps for iOS and Android. Users can conveniently generate, store, and fill passwords for their online accounts in a single click—all via an app that they already use.

ExpressVPN today also published a new security white paper detailing Keys’ design and infrastructure for full transparency. Keys is also included in ExpressVPN’s bug bounty program, so that external security researchers are regularly testing it and helping to improve it.

Last year, ExpressVPN invited cybersecurity firm Cure53 to conduct penetration tests and source code audits of Keys. The tests were conducted on all platforms (iOS, Android, and browser extension), and all identified issues were fixed and verified by Cure53 prior to the full rollout of Keys. 

Bultez continued: “Our trust and transparency initiatives give us even more confidence to fully launch Keys to all our users, and we are thrilled for more people to enjoy the benefits of a password manager. This is yet another way that we are giving our customers more control over their online experience and giving them the ultimate freedom to explore safely online.”

ExpressVPN has also included several new features on Keys since its initial beta rollout a year ago. This includes a Password Health feature that assesses the security of user logins—including checking if their emails and passwords are breached—and provides guidance on how to improve any logins that might be problematic.

“Privacy and security have never been more important—yet more complex. Our vision is to build out a privacy and security super app, and help modern users protect all aspects of their digital lives through a single app and subscription. We are proud to make privacy and security easy and accessible, by offering an all-in-one suite of tools: VPN, password manager, Aircove router, data breach alert, blockers for ads, trackers, malicious sites, adult sites, and more,” Bultez added.

Keys is available at no extra cost to all ExpressVPN users from today. To begin using ExpressVPN Keys, simply download the Chrome browser extension for Windows, Mac, and Linux, or find it included within the existing ExpressVPN app for Android and iOS. 

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NOTES TO EDITOR: Key features of ExpressVPN Keys

  • Securely store an unlimited number of logins, passwords, credit/debit card details, and notes
  • Built-in password generator, including the ability to customize based on number of characters, numbers, symbols, and more
  • Built-in password health checker that will alert you of passwords that are weak, reused, or exposed in a data breach, and provide guidance on how to improve them
  • Check using your email address if your personal details have been found in a data breach
  • Use Keys as a 2FA authenticator by generating and autofilling six-digit time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs) when signing in to accounts
  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Automatically sync all information across an unlimited number of devices
  • Biometrics unlock on mobile devices
  • Autofill logins and passwords
  • Autofill credit card details 
  • Access/edit logins even when device is offline
  • Easily import stored logins from other password managers 
  • Easily export stored information
  • Two-factor authentication when accessing Keys on a new device
  • 24/7 live chat support


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