ExpressVPN is safe from the “Port Fail” VPN security flaw


We’re fanatical about your privacy and security.

Dear friends of ExpressVPN,

We would like to assure you that ExpressVPN is not affected by the “port fail” vulnerability.

As reported by Engadget, The Register and Security Intelligence, a security flaw was found in several VPN services offering port forwarding.

This vulnerability, dubbed “port fail”, allows attackers to unmask the real IP addresses of customers using VPN services with port-forwarding capabilities.

ExpressVPN does not offer port forwarding, so ExpressVPN’s services are safe from this flaw.

Your privacy and security remain our utmost priority.

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— Your friends at ExpressVPN

image of adult monkey comforting baby monkey - expressvpn is safe!
There, there. You are safe!


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