ExpressVPN and UA.SUPPORT partner to provide data privacy and security protections to Ukrainian refugees

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British Virgin Islands, December 19, 2022 – Leading consumer privacy and security company ExpressVPN today announces a new partnership with UA.SUPPORT, an international pro bono platform that connects refugees requesting legal aid with accredited legal professionals. The collaboration will empower volunteer lawyers to strengthen their understanding of digital privacy threats and equip them with VPN access so that they can protect their digital privacy and security—for themselves and their clients. 

“Today, we’re thrilled to announce the partnership between ExpressVPN and UA.SUPPORT. We’re all too aware of the growing demand for secure, uncensored access to the internet. We are impressed by the work UA.SUPPORT has done and are excited to join forces with them to put digital privacy and security protections right in the hands of those who will benefit from it most,” commented Lauren Hendry Parsons, spokesperson for ExpressVPN. “Over the last decade, we’ve seen in our close work with NGOs and advocacy groups how crucial it is to access tools for staying connected and protected—and we exist to be part of the solution.”

Since UA.SUPPORT was established earlier this year, almost 300 volunteer lawyers from over 30 countries have joined the project to provide legal aid to 2200 asylum seekers and refugees, regardless of country of origin. Today, the team receives hundreds of new requests from individuals and families arriving in new countries requiring legal support around immigration, employment, schooling, healthcare, and more. 

“Digital privacy, security, and rights are front-page news every day. Those we support entrust our lawyers with confidential and sensitive data. We are aware of the cyber threats that exist, and want to make sure that our volunteers are empowered with industry-leading protection and the knowledge for them to continue to put the privacy and safety of the asylum seekers and refugees they are supporting above all,” commented Kateryna Balaban, Managing Director of AgiLawyer Society, the NGO behind UA.SUPPORT. “We chose to partner with ExpressVPN because of their outstanding privacy and security expertise and our shared commitment to the safety and protection of people going through challenging and oppressive circumstances.”

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UA.SUPPORT Linking Help is an international platform that links Ukrainian refugees in need of legal help with almost 300 volunteer lawyers from more than 30 countries. 

UA.SUPPORT is officially recognized or supported by a number of European bar associations, emergency services, global legal institutions, independent non-profit NGO organisations and Embassies of Ukraine. 

The platform is operated by AgiLawyer Society that is a Czech NGO focused on non-profit projects in the area of education and legal aid. It involves experts from various fields, such as marketing, business development, legal, IT, etc. 

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