Discover the best commercials of the Women’s World Cup

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The 2023 Women’s World Cup is approaching, and the various teams and sponsors have rolled out their commercials, to draw attention not only to the event in itself but also to raise awareness of the big game itself. 


Let’s start with FIFA, which has released various clips ahead of the event on its official YouTube channel. With vibrant pops of color and subtle nods to traditional Aboriginal Australian and Maori patterns woven throughout the design, the official brand identity presentation for the Australia and New Zealand teams is an eye-catching primer for what is gearing up to be an entertaining tournament on the pitch!

FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 | Brand Identity


After winning the UEFA Women’s Euros last year, the Lionesses are the pride of the nation and enter the Women’s World Cup hoping to finally reach the final. This fun presentation spot is infused with characteristic British humor and showcases the humble working-class roots and diversity of not just the players but also the fans supporting back home:



Switzerland might not be one of the favorite teams in this year’s competition, but we absolutely loved how they champion the rise of the women’s game among a new generation of fans! 



Football Associate of Ireland’s promo video for the Republic of Ireland’s Women’s team challenges stereotypes and will get you pumped up for the Girls in Green’s games against co-host Australia, Nigeria, and Canada in Group B.:



The co-hosts of this year’s competition released two commercials for their team, one to announce the roster and a funky, fresh teaser to big up the women’s game:





This commercial for the Portuguese women’s national team by creative agency Dentsu does a fabulous job of promoting equality and tugging at the heartstrings. Tissues at the ready…



Creative agency Orange uses a clever bait-and-switch tactic and bleeding-edge visual trickery to edit footage from French national team games to produce an ad that raises awareness of the different perspectives that we have on men’s and women’s football:




Historically, Coca-Cola has been a sponsor of football (and sports) events, and they’ve also released some of the most iconic advertisements in marketing history. Check out what Coca-Cola released for the 2023 Women’s World Cup:



Fox Sports / The US team

Well, we all know that the two-time defending champion US Women’s National Team is one of the strongest in the world… but what will it take to beat them?

Bonus: Germany (2019)

Despite being a commercial from the 2019 competition, this is still one of the most powerful adverts for the Women’s World Cup, and it’s absolutely worth revisiting four years later. Enjoy!


And make sure to catch all games with our full guide on the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023—including all the streaming services depending on your country.

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