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Welcome to my own little pocket of reality. Watch out for YouTube marathons about space and existentialism, Herbie Hancock humming sessions, and Timmy Trumpet duet sessions.

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A keyboard covered in eyes.
6 mins

What are keyloggers, and how do they work?

They record every key you press. Can you protect yourself?
An info sign surrounded by dollar signs
4 mins

So your information is on the dark web. What now?

You can’t take it down. But here are the steps to take to protect your identity.
3 mins

Why anonymous data isn’t as anonymous as you think

Discover how data de-anonymization, also known as data re-identification, can link anonymized data back to you.
A drone surrounded by a circle with a line through it.
6 mins

4 ways to hide from drone surveillance

Commercial drones are common sights—but they might be watching you. Here are ways to hide from drones and avoid surveillance from above.
A laptop masquerading as a bot.
6 mins

What are bots and how do they work?

More than half of all internet traffic is made up of bots. Some make our lives easier, while other have more malicious intention. Join us as we discover the difference.
The LinkedIn logo dangling from a fishing hook and line.
7 mins

How to spot and protect yourself against LinkedIn scams

LinkedIn is full of opportunities, yet not all of them end with you getting that dream job. Learn to identify and protect yourself against the five most common LinkedIn scams.

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