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Johnny 5 is the founding editor of the blog and writes about pressing technology issues. From important cat privacy stories to governments and corporations that overstep their boundaries, Johnny covers it all.

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The new ExpressVPN app, shown connected.
1 min

Best ever ExpressVPN app available on all major devices

The latest ExpressVPN app has a brand new UI and comes bundled with a host of killer features that will keep you secure on the internet.
The EU flag buffers.
2 mins

UK users unable to disconnect from EU server location

ExpressVPN users in the UK are currently unable to disconnect from the EU server location. An unfortunate glitch means that...
how the NSA spies on you
4 mins

10 ways the NSA is spying on you right now

What is the NSA? The spying powers of the NSA have broadened since the Patriot Act. Here’s how the NSA could be spying on you right now.
The Angry Birds, Holy Bible, Facebook,and Flashlight app icons.
4 mins

Delete these now: The worst apps for privacy in 2019

These apps were some of the worst for privacy in 2019.
The iPhone incoming call screen, except both the icons say accept. Even the decline one. Nice.
1 min

FaceTime flaw lets people hear you, before you even answer

Think twice before cursing that ex who won’t stop calling: A newly found bug in Apple’s FaceTime means someone...
The words "Best of the Blog 2018" on a soothing green background.
1 min

The 9 best ExpressVPN blogs of 2018

2018 was a bumper year for ExpressVPN! Here's the best of 2018 from the best VPN blog in town: 1....
The Marriott logo restyled to look like an open padlock.
1 min

Marriott loses the data of half a billion customers

Over the past 4 years, up to 500 million people have had their personal data stolen from the Marriott International hotel group.
An illustration of an atomic bomb explosion. Because this is serious stuff.
3 mins

An introduction to threat modeling

If you are always worried about your ISP, corporations, and the government spying on you, maybe it’s time to...
ExpressVPN logo in shopping cart.
1 min

ExpressVPN Black Friday discount

As seasoned shoppers around the world know, there's no better time for bargains than the end of November, with its...
The new ExpressVPN blog logo
1 min

ExpressVPN’s new-look blog!

Regular readers may notice that we launched a fancy new blog earlier in the week. We hope it’s a more...

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