How to set up ExpressVPN on ASUSTOR with OpenVPN


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This article will show you how to set up ExpressVPN on ASUSTOR, using the OpenVPN protocol. You’ll need a fully set up ASUSTOR device and an ExpressVPN subscription. To begin:

Sign into your ExpressVPN account using your ExpressVPN username and password.

sign in to our website

Click Set up ExpressVPN.


On the left side of the screen, click Manual Config. On the right, select OpenVPN. You will see your OpenVPN configuration usernamepassword, and a list of OpenVPN configuration files.

You can copy your username and password by clicking on the top-right corner.

openvpn credentials

Scroll down to the list of files and download the OpenVPN configuration file(s) for the location(s) you want to connect to.

Leave this tab open, you’ll need your ExpressVPN username and password later.

Now, on the ASUSTOR dashboard, go to Settings.

click asustor settings

Under Network, click on the Network interface tab.

go to network interface

Click on Add and select Create VPN.

create vpn

Select OpenVPN and click Next.

openvpn next

Select Import Configuration Files from OpenVPN Provider and click Next.

import config files openvpn provider

Fill in the fields as below:

  • Name: a name for you to remember the connection
  • Account: use the ExpressVPN username you obtained above
  • Password: use the ExpressVPN password you obtained above
  • Import file(s): click Browse and upload the configuration file(s) you previously downloaded

Click Finish.

enter openvpn settings

Back in the main “Network interface” menu, select the OpenVPN connection you created and click Action > Connect.

action connect openvpn

To disconnect, click Disconnect.

disconnect asustor openvpn connection

Need help? Contact the ExpressVPN Support Team for immediate assistance.

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