User data leaks have historically been an issue with Apple’s iOS products. iPhones (and some Mac devices) can potentially leak your IP address or cleartext traffic if the service you’re using does not make use of TLS. This happens even when you are using a VPN, but only if you are connected to a malicious Wi-Fi or Ethernet access point (i.e., one controlled by an attacker).

ExpressVPN is committed to providing the best protection to our users and recommends the settings detailed below.

How ExpressVPN keeps you safe

ExpressVPN works alongside security research groups in protecting you against potential threats and delivering a secure VPN service. One of the research groups notified us of the security issue and an investigation is underway. We will be disclosing the full details with you soon.

Meanwhile, we have added fixes to the ExpressVPN app for iOS to secure your connection. You can enable certain settings in the app by following the steps below.

How to secure your connection

To prevent data leaks, you may enable the network protection feature in the ExpressVPN app for iOS. Network protection is intended to block all internet traffic when your VPN connection is interrupted, ensuring your online security and privacy. The feature also prevents the leaks described above.

When enabled, network protection may impact your ability to use certain Apple features, such as Personal Hotspot or CarPlay. These issues can be resolved if you disable network protection.

Enable network protection by following these steps:

  1. In the ExpressVPN app for iOS, tap Options.
  2. Tap Settings > Network Protection.
  3. Toggle Block internet when VPN connection is interrupted on.
  4. Toggle Allow access to devices on local network on. This allows certain Apple features (such as CarPlay) to work properly.

Note: When you enable Allow access to devices on local network, you may be vulnerable if you are connected to an unsecure network. The app will notify you and ask if you want to disable the setting immediately.

App notifications about unsecured networks

If you are connected to a potentially malicious network, the ExpressVPN iOS app will send you a notification immediately. Follow these steps to secure your device:

  1. Tap the notification that says “Unsecured Wi-Fi detected.”
  2. Tap Disable and reconnect.

If you want to enable Allow access to devices on local network again, a message will appear to warn you about your vulnerability. The app will keep you notified of any unsecured network detected.

Need help? Contact the ExpressVPN Support Team for immediate assistance.

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