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Instead of manually entering your logins and passwords into websites or apps, you can automatically fill logins and passwords stored in ExpressVPN Keys with just a tap by enabling the autofill feature on your Android devices.

Additionally, autofill offers added security because you can use long, complex, unique passwords for every account, which are generated, stored, and filled by the password manager.

Your security is our top priority

With autofill service enabled on Android, you can fill logins and passwords stored in ExpressVPN Keys.

These login details (login title, username, and URL) are only accessible to Android’s autofill service. They are encrypted by the ExpressVPN app with the encryption key held by Android Keystore, and securely stored and only accessible by the ExpressVPN app. They will only be filled in websites and apps when you tap the login suggested by ExpressVPN Keys and grant permission.

You can enable or disable autofill at any time in the future in your Android devices settings.

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