ExpressVPN extension for Chrome is disabled and “requires new permissions”

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About the request for permissions

To communicate directly with Chrome, connect to VPN, and block WebRTC when connected to VPN, the ExpressVPN extension for Chrome has always required permission to:

  • Display notifications
  • Communicate with cooperative native applications
  • Change your privacy-related settings

re-enable extension

ExpressVPN for Chrome version 1.1.0 requires one additional permission:

Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit

This request is genuine and safe to approve. It allows the ExpressVPN for Chrome extension to spoof your location when connected to VPN, so that sites you visit cannot find your real location using HTML5 geolocation. It will also allow new features protecting your privacy to be added in the future.

What to do about the request for permissions

To continue using ExpressVPN for Chrome, re-enable the extension.

  1. Click (!) in the Chrome toolbar and choose ExpressVPN for Chrome requires new permissions.expressvpn requires permissions
  2. Click Re-enable.
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