The ExpressVPN browser extension requires a number of permissions to operate. This article explains each permission we request and why they are needed.

Why do we request permissions?

When installing the browser extension, you will receive a permission request.

On Chrome

To add the ExpressVPN browser extension to your browser, click "Add extension."

On Firefox

To add the ExpressVPN browser extension to your browser, click "Add."

On Edge

To add the ExpressVPN browser extension to your browser, click "Add Extension."

These permissions are requested solely for the purpose of providing you with the full functionality and security of a VPN, such as WebRTC blocks and location spoofing. ExpressVPN does not monitor or collect any data of your online activity or connections. To learn more about our commitment to your privacy, see the ExpressVPN Privacy Policy.

List of requested permissions

Below is the full list of requested permissions and what each permission is used for.

cookiesUsed to determine if the user is logged in to our website to help support to more quickly diagnose issues.
nativeMessagingUsed to securely communicate with the ExpressVPN desktop app.
privacyUsed to prevent WebRTC leaks.
webRequestUsed to determine if the user is being prompted for a captcha to search.
tabsUsed to open new tabs, including the shortcuts chrome page which is only accessible with this permission.
notificationsUsed to show you notifications regarding VPN connection status changes.
storageUsed to store internal data needed by the extension to operate.
unlimitedStorageUsed to increase the amount of storage the extension can use. We store configuration settings and app status information. This storage can only be accessed by the extension itself. No website or other extension can see it.
declarativeNetRequestUsed to implement Network Lock warnings.
HostUsed to spoof location requests by websites.

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