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If you suspect that a system-wide proxy setting is preventing you from browsing the internet, you can try starting Google Chrome with proxy settings disabled.

Launch a terminal window by pressing CTRL + ALT + T

Type google-chrome --no-proxy-server

type google no server

See if you can reach the internet. Try multiple sites to make sure the site you are trying to visit is not currently down or blocked by other means.

If this change fixes your problem, you may either change your global proxy settings, or launch Chrome without a proxy by default.

Launch Chrome without proxy settings

To permanently launch Chrome without proxy settings:

  1. Click on the Ubuntu logo on the top left and type ‘Chromefind chrome
  2. Drag the Chrome logo onto the Desktopdrag chrome
  3. Right-click on the logo and click on Propertiesright click select properties
  4. In the Command field append --no-proxy-server and close the windowgoogle chrome properties
  5. Launch Chrome by double-clicking the Chrome logo on the Desktopaccess internet

Change global settings

Alternatively, you can change your global proxy settings.

  1. Click on the Ubuntu symbol on the top left and type ‘networktype network
  2. Click on Network to launch the network managerclick network
  3. Select Network proxy and then choose None for Methodselect no proxy

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