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2019 Aug 23

Router v2.1.1

  • Fixed bug that shows a “Connection limit reached” message

2019 Jun 27

Router v2.0.4

  • Fixed bug that prevented the router from connecting to Santa Monica

2019 May 24

Router v2.0.3

  • New, redesigned router dashboard
  • Improved VPN connection success rate

DDWRT release: 2018 Oct 31

DDWRT (Linksys EA6200, Asus, Netgear) v1.3.6

  • Updated VPN connection logic (to improve VPN connection success rate)

WRT release: 2018 Sept 14

OpenWRT (Linksys WRT series) v1.5.6

  • Fixed bug that caused “Help improve ExpressVPN” checkbox to become unintentionally unchecked

WRT release: 2018 Sept 7

OpenWRT (Linksys WRT series) v1.5.5

  • Improved VPN connection reliability

DDWRT release: 2018 July 9

DDWRT (Linksys EA6200, Asus, Netgear) v1.3.4

  • Fixed bug with Smart Location recommendation not updating

WRT release: 2018 June 20

OpenWRT (Linksys WRT series) v1.5.4

  • Improved VPN connection/reconnection logic

WRT release: 2018 Apr 13

OpenWRT (Linksys WRT series) v1.5.3

  • Minor bug fixes

DDWRT release: 2018 Apr 13

DDWRT (Linksys EA6200, Asus, Netgear) v1.3.3

  • Minor bug fixes

WRT release: 2018 Feb 28
OpenWRT (Linksys WRT series) v1.5.2

  • split tunnelling bug fixes
  • updated OpenVPN
  • fixed flashing issue on latest Linksys 3200ACM hardware

WRT release: 2018 Jan 15

OpenWRT (Linksys WRT series) v1.5.1

  • Added “Manage Devices” menu, with option to use MediaStreamer

DDWRT release: 2018 Jan 15

DDWRT (Linksys EA6200, Asus, Netgear) v1.3.1

  • Added “Manage Devices” menu, with option to use MediaStreamer

WRT release: 2017 Nov 28
WRT v1.4.7

  • Fixed error message when user activates while not connected to internet

WRT release: 2017 Nov 24
WRT v1.4.6

  • Bug fix to stop frequent PPPoE internet re-connections
  • Increased VPN connection reliability.

DDWRT release: 2017 Nov 17

DDWRT (Linksys EA6200, Asus, Netgear) v1.2.3

  • Added success messages after activation and update

  • Increased reliability of VPN connection

  • Minor bug fixes

DDWRT release: 2017 Nov 3

EA6200 v1.2.1

  • UI bug fixes

WRT release: 2017 Nov 3
WRT v1.4.4

  • UI bug fixes

EA6200 release: 2017 Oct 27

EA6200 v1.2.0

  • One-click update (won’t experience this functionality until the NEXT update)
  • Increased WiFi reliability
  • Increased VPN connection reliability

WRT release: 2017 Oct 27
WRT v1.4.3

  • Increased VPN connection reliability.

WRT release: 2017 Oct 17
WRT v1.4.2

  • Patched to mitigate KRACK vulnerability of WiFi clients connected to the router.

WRT release: 2017 July 21
WRT v1.4.1

  • Added USB support
  • Added remote access (for customers who have a public IP)
  • Minor copy and bug fixes

EA6200 release: 2017 June 16
EA6200 v1.1.2

  • improved connection success rate for certain location
  • split tunnelling
  • streamlined diagnostics

2017 May 26
WRT version 1.4.0

  • Updated wifi drivers (notably, this fixes issues some customers were having with the WRT3200ACM)
  • Minor UX improvements

2017 Mar 23
version 1.3.3

  • Bug fixes

2017 Mar 7
version 1.3.2

  • Improved connection reliability

2017 Feb 10
version 1.3.1

  • Improved fault tolerance
  • Recommended Location is ‘smarter’
  • OpenVPN authentication update
  • Bug fixes

2016 Dec 21
version 1.2.1

  • Speed improvements
  • Update to how DNS is handled during split tunnelling
  • Fix for 3200 error message when flashing back to Linksys firmware about file ‘too large’
  • Update to how to handle country codes
  • Bug fixes

2016 Nov 9
version 1.2.0

  • Updated signed packages, Linux kernel & OpenWRT to enable support for latest Linksys model (WRT3200ACM)

2016 Oct 14
version 1.1.3

  • Allow custom DNS settings on devices where VPN has been turned off
  • Bug fixes

2016 Sept 12
version 1.1.2

  • Introduced split tunneling functionality: allows users to select which devices connected to the router are protected by VPN and which devices are not protected by VPN
  • Added ‘cancel’ button: allows users to cancel when VPN is connecting or reconnecting
  • Bug Fixes

2016 Jul 8
version 1.0.1

  • Initial release
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