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Chart your own path

ExpressVPN is a fast-growing company that’s adaptive, innovative, and agile—we want our employees to feel empowered with the same sense of possibility.

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With our culture of open and honest feedback grounded in care and mutual respect, you’ll never run out of opportunities to improve and learn alongside world-class talent. Through an individualized growth plan, you’ll have full clarity on how you can excel in your role and beyond because we’re committed to helping you hone the skills that matter to you.

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ExpressVPN is one of the few places I’ve worked where there is the potential to take things to the next level and get recognition for it.

Pete, Chief Architect

Grow in all directions

Grow in all directions

Growth, to us, is by no means a one-size-fits-all concept. Whether you’d like to focus on becoming a highly specialized individual contributor or feel the calling to nurture and empower as a people manager, you’ll have the support and guidance you need to deliver your best work and grow your career.

Sometimes, growth comes in the form of exploring a new role—or field—altogether. As a company that embraces new challenges and continuous learning, we strive to facilitate the change you may be looking for to grow your career, whether it's a role evolution or a team change. And with our business expanding at a rapid pace, there are always fresh challenges to be tackled. Read about the opportunities for career change within ExpressVPN in this story.

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Never stop learning

We offer both formal and informal learning and development programs to fuel each and every employee’s professional and personal growth. All employees have a personalized onboarding plan that includes training workshops for communication, collaboration, and feedback, as well as extensive role-specific guidance. We also offer an online learning library filled with self-serve workshops to sharpen specific skills and knowledge required for your role. And if you can’t find what you’re after, we’ll support you in seeking out external courses.

At ExpressVPN, you’ll be given the time and resources to upskill externally. We sponsor attendance at global conferences so there’s always an abundance of fresh perspectives from outside of the company. And there is plenty more to learn from our in-house lending library.

Starting out your career?

Starting out your career?

As an innovator at the forefront of cybersecurity tech with offices around the globe, ExpressVPN is an exciting place to begin your career. Whether you bring decades of experience or a fresh perspective, you will be seen and valued within our inclusive culture—all we ask is that you bring a sense of curiosity, a hunger to learn, and the willingness to collaborate. ExpressVPN is a place where people make themselves readily available to share knowledge, feedback, or even a food recommendation.

Students are also welcome to apply to the ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship with a cash prize of 5,000 USD.

Why we’re a great place to start and grow your career

Some of our employees who joined us early in their careers share what they loved about the experience:

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The processes and technologies used at ExpressVPN are bleeding edge and you really get a good overall experience of what it is like to work at a leading tech company. To make things sweeter, the people here are very approachable and open to help.

ExpressVPN user recommendations.

There are a lot of great things about starting your career at ExpressVPN—the people you get to work with and learn from, the work-life balance—but the best part is that there is just so much to learn within an environment where people are always looking to improve.

ExpressVPN user recommendations.

I've learned a lot and worked on many different projects as ExpressVPN is growing at an incredible pace. Our culture highly values learning and collaboration, which I think are essential for career fulfillment.