Statement from Kape Technologies on Restructure

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Kape Technologies statement:

The threats to our users’ privacy and security are ever-evolving, and our team must always evolve and stay innovative and agile to stay ahead. To ensure we are set up in the long term to continue providing our customers with the best protection in the industry, we recently conducted an organizational restructuring. Following a careful evaluation, this included the difficult decision to implement a reduction in force, resulting in approximately 180 employees, around 12% of our workforce, being made redundant across the business. The restructuring impacted teams across the organization, including project/program managers, talent acquisition, HR, design, IT, support, operations, engineering, and marketing. Affected employees around the world are already notified. In some countries, the process will take longer due to local laws and practices.

This decision was not taken lightly and the business is actively engaging with those who have been impacted to help ease the transition.

We want to emphasize that this outcome is in no way a reflection of the current business performance, but is to prepare ourselves to grow faster in the coming months and years. By proactively addressing these challenges now, we can lay the foundation for a leaner and more resilient organization and be better equipped to seize new opportunities in the cybersecurity space.

We understand that change can be incredibly challenging, but we are confident that we will emerge from this period even stronger than before. We are fortunate to retain an exceptionally talented team that continues to set the pace for the industry, including the engineering leaders directly responsible for pioneering technologies such as ExpressVPN’s Lightway and TrustedServer. Their skill, commitment to our mission, and innovative spirit have been the driving force behind our award-winning consumer VPN services, and will continue to be the foundation of our future growth. We’re already hard at work delivering the next generation of technology, innovation, and advanced protection for our users and raising the bar for privacy and security across the digital landscape

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