Everyone knows a VPN keeps your connection private and circumvents censorship, but did you know that ExpressVPN can also save you money?

You can also encrypt your entire Internet connection, at home or in public, across all of your devices.

This simple guide will help you use your VPN to its maximum potential.

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  1. The problem I’ve found with searching airfares from different countries is that when you go to pay, if your credit card is based out of the US, they want you to restart your search from the US. Won’t process it otherwise.

    • Each company has their own rules, Terrance. But if you were physically in Thailand and wished to buy a ticket to Singapore, it’s unlikely any company would make you use a US payment system (though some might). A VPN works by tunneling your Internet connection to another server — making your location appear to be somewhere other than where you actually are. So in a sense, you a traveling without having to leave your home!

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