ExpressVPN launches two new features to strengthen user experience and privacy protection

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  • Threat Manager protects against apps, trackers, and malware—giving users more control over their data 
  • Parallel Connections is a backend feature that speeds up VPN connection times for users
  • These new features are enabled by ExpressVPN’s innovative VPN protocol Lightway, which allows the company to ship new features to users more quickly

British Virgin Islands, January 27, 2022 – Leading consumer privacy and security company ExpressVPN today announced two new features: Threat Manager and Parallel Connections. These innovations were enabled by Lightway, ExpressVPN’s in-house VPN protocol that is open source and was audited by Cure53. 

Threat Manager is a new privacy feature that protects against apps, trackers, and malware. Built to complement users’ VPN experience, Threat Manager is a DNS-based traffic blocker that prevents all apps and websites on any device from communicating with a set of third parties known to track activity or engage in malicious behavior. With Threat Manager enabled, ExpressVPN not only shields users’ traffic from third-party listeners (like an ISP), it also blocks traffic to malicious third parties (like trackers and scammers).

Unlike browser-level protection that currently exists in the market, Threat Manager offers more comprehensive protection—covering all apps and browser sessions on user devices. No matter which app is trying to share data, or whether the app is open or running in the background, Threat Manager will stop it from talking to any blocklisted parties.

ExpressVPN iOS settings screen. Threat Manager toggle.

Users can easily turn Threat Manager on or off by going to their VPN Settings.

Parallel Connections is a new feature that works behind the scenes to ensure faster and more reliable VPN connections. Previously, ExpressVPN’s apps would attempt different methods of connecting in succession. With Parallel Connections, the ExpressVPN app now attempts to connect by trying all possible methods simultaneously. This means significantly faster connections for ExpressVPN users, especially when they are on networks that apply some traffic restrictions, such as schools, workplaces, hotels, hospitals, and airports.

Early test results have shown promising results. In general, ExpressVPN found that Parallel Connections helped to improve connection times significantly: Around 25% more users are connecting in under one second. 

ExpressVPN’s in-house VPN protocol Lightway was the catalyst for and enabler of these product advances. Lightway allows ExpressVPN to ship new features faster thanks to its plug-in enabled infrastructure that makes adding new functionalities easier. Its simple, lightweight codebase also gives ExpressVPN more control and agility to ship new features to users.

Peter Membrey, Chief Engineer – VPN Technologies, ExpressVPN says, “When we fully launched Lightway last year, one of the many benefits of Lightway we shared is that Lightway allows us to develop and deliver new features at speed. Today, we are pleased to share exactly how that comes to life in the form of two new features: Parallel Connections and Threat Manager.” 

“Lightway doesn’t just deliver on speed, performance, privacy, security, and reliability—its unique design allows us to deliver these new features more efficiently. We are pleased to provide users with a better experience along with more control of their data, and are excited to continue adding more value for our users,” Membrey adds.

Notes to the Editor: 

  • Threat Manager is currently available on iOS and Mac. It will be available on all other platforms soon. Find out more about Threat Manager.
  • Parallel Connections is currently available on iOS. It will be available on all other platforms soon. Find out more about Parallel Connections.
  • Lightway fully launched in August 2021. ExpressVPN also open-sourced it and released Cure53’s independent audit of Lightway’s core code. Read more about Lightway


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