ExpressVPN launches Digital Security Resource Library to help keep activists and human rights defenders safe online

The new resource will provide educational resources enabling human rights campaigners to better protect themselves and their movement.
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London, UK; January 24, 2024To help keep activists, human rights defenders, and journalists in oppressive environments safe online, ExpressVPN, the leading consumer privacy and security company, has today announced the launch of a Digital Security Resource Library—offering guidance on accessible, affordable and privacy-focused tools and resources for organizers and journalists.

The Library has been established through collaboration between experts from leading international organizations working on the frontline to improve digital security and protections for human rights defenders and organizers around the world. These include Francesca Bosco, Chief Strategy and Partnerships Officer at cybersecurity and digital rights NGO The CyberPeace Institute, Rhona Tarrant, Head of Editorial at social news and strategic intelligence agency Storyful, and Fergus O’Sullivan, freelance technology journalist and VPN expert. 

The launch comes ahead of Data Privacy Day on January 28, and six months after ExpressVPN’s workshop at RightsCon, where experts discussed how activists can stay digitally connected and protected during times of conflict and crisis. Additionally, ExpressVPN has released its Reflections from RightsCon 2023 report, which provides a comprehensive summary of the key points and discussions from the workshop.

For human rights defenders to do their work, they need a free and open internet. Yet, with advancements in technology, the need for new digital skills to protect online identities, communications, and data from unauthorized access has accelerated. Activists are increasingly finding themselves prone to phishing attacks, placed under surveillance, having online restrictions placed on them, and their online anonymity exposed. Using the Digital Security Resource Library, activists can be better equipped to protect themselves and their movement, helping to ensure privacy, secure communication, and defense of their digital rights.

The Library provides resources such as cybersecurity education and training resources, best practice tips, strategies for navigating internet shutdowns or blackouts, and more. This supports campaigners in their ongoing efforts to make a lasting impact on the causes they believe in, regardless of their technical skills.

Francesca Bosco, Chief Strategy and Partnerships Officer at The CyberPeace Institute, comments: “Sadly, and all too often, we are seeing campaigners, human rights defenders, and journalists put at risk when using technology to further their cause. Everyone should have safety and security in the digital world, and we hope that this Digital Security Resource Library will help all individuals, whatever their mission, to continue pushing forward with what they believe in, free from the risk of being restricted, attacked, or silenced online.”

Lauren Hendry Parsons, Privacy Advocate for ExpressVPN, commented: “Internet safety and digital freedom are fundamental human rights. This is what the Digital Security Resource Library is all about—helping campaigners and journalists feel safe online and ensuring that they have the skills to do so. We’re delighted to collaborate with leading experts in digital privacy and security and we look forward to continuing working with them and other organizations in providing further contributions to the Library over the coming months and years.”

Digital Rights at ExpressVPN

To learn more about digital rights at ExpressVPN, we invite you to explore our dedicated Rights Center. If you are an organizer or journalist in an oppressive situation who could benefit from secure, uncensored access to the internet, you may let us know how a VPN would help you at We welcome suggestions for the Library at the same email address.


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