Top 5: Best ways to use your VPN


There are many reasons to use a VPN. From protection against hackers and overzealous governments to complete freedom on the Internet.

Enjoy our monthly infographic, bestowing the best ways to get the most from your VPN.

hidden vpn secrets

What do you do with yours? Leave your VPN tips in the comments!


  1. I’d like to leave my home w-fi router out of the VPN config, just use it to check emails during the day.
    ExpressVPN doesn’t want me to do that because now my wi-fi setup won’t work. I did make sure the cable was going into the router, rebooted modem and router completely, restarted PC. I really liked having wi-fi and don’t see why I can’t use it without the VPN.
    Frustrated today, so will try again tomorrow.

  2. hi i want to use the VPN ,but i don’t know how to use it ,can you help me i want to buy 12 month !
    Look forward you feed back ,thank you very much !


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