Stefania Grosso

Stefania scrive di tecnologia, sicurezza informatica e nel tempo libero parla di libri, Lego e biciclette.

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Discover the best commercials of the Women’s World Cup

Teams and sponsors have rolled out their commercials. Watch the best commercials of the 2023 Women’s World Cup.
Quiz Women’s World Cup
1 min

Quiz: Test your Women’s World Cup knowledge

Who holds the record for most victories? Who was the youngest coach? Test your knowledge of the Women’s World Cup.
A soccer ball on a TV, with popcorn.
4 mins

How to enjoy any World Cup game

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing and the 32 teams are winnowing themselves down to the Round...
shocking world cup moments
7 mins

15 most shocking and exhilarating moments in World Cup history

Ready to relive the most exhilarating and shocking moments in World Cup history? What indelible moments will emerge from the 2022 edition in Qatar?

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