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A laptop and a light in the dark.
21 mins

Tech safety for survivors of domestic violence

Take steps to assert your digital autonomy, prevent stalking, and regain control over your communications and information.
Crypto and bitcoin glossary
32 mins

The essential crypto glossary: Blockchain terminology explained

Bitcoin is big, but many of us don't understand it. This crypto cheat sheet contains all the terms you need to hold your own.
Pretty Good Privacy
12 mins

How to set up and use Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

Learn how to use Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) to encrypts files, emails, text, and even disks.
An eye with a magnifying glass and a red cross.
4 mins

We’re at the dawn of medical surveillance

As a consequence of Covid-19, our medical data is at risk of becoming a cornerstone of the surveillance state.
Bitcoin symbol emerging from a brain
5 mins

All in your head: Creating a Bitcoin ‘brainwallet’ with Diceware

Learn how to generate a list of random, secure words to store Bitcoin in your brain. Lexie says it’s as easy as rolling dice!
Bitcoin on paper
6 mins

Bitcoin paper wallets: Taking your Bitcoin security offline

One way to safeguard your cryptocurrency is to generate a paper wallet—a private key written and stored on physical paper.
Ooni Octopus
2 mins

OONI, an app that measures how much of your internet is...

OONI is a tool from the Tor Project that lets everyone join the effort to map online censorship worldwide. Here is how you can help.
Tor Onion with arrow through the middle
3 mins

Tor outage: How a major attack felled the onion network

The Tor Network suffered a serious outage this month. We look at why Tor is not entirely decentralized, and how this affects its security.
Bitcoin logo with arrow
6 mins

Upgrading Bitcoin, Part 2: A challenging process

It takes time for an idea to turn into code, and that code to be deployed on the Bitcoin network. Here is how this process works.
bitcoin logo with parachute
7 mins

Upgrading Bitcoin, Part 1: The pitfalls of hard forks and soft...

The Bitcoin network relies on strong consensus rules. These can be upgraded through forks, but it isn’t always easy.

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