Emily Belton

Emily is a Privacy Advocate and Global Senior Communications Counsel at ExpressVPN, spearheading initiatives that underscore internet security, privacy, and freedom for users worldwide.

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Laptop on desk with the camera turned on.
8 mins

78% of employers engage in remote work surveillance, ExpressVPN survey finds

An ExpressVPN survey has revealed the extent to which employees are being surveilled by their employers and how it’s impacting job satisfaction and stress levels.
Metaverse headset in a cubicle.
10 mins

Survey reveals surveillance fears over the metaverse workplace

Would you want an office in the metaverse? Workers and employers say there are benefits but also plenty of reservations when it comes to a virtual workplace.
bossware: remote employee spying tools
4 mins

Bossware: How remote-work tools can be used to spy on you

More people are working from home, leading to the growth of apps that let companies monitor employee activity. Here’s how they work.

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