Cherlynn Cha

Security Operations Center Manager

Security expert

Cherlynn Cha is Security Operations Center Manager at ExpressVPN, where she plays a pivotal role in reinforcing the cybersecurity framework. With a focus on advanced threat modeling and threat hunting, Cha leads initiatives aimed at identifying and mitigating potential cyber threats.

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"ExpressVPN really cares about the privacy and security of the customers. If I’m contributing to the security of that, I’m contributing to something that I believe in."

Cherlynn's top picks

Threat manager

ExpressVPN’s Threat Manager feature restricts your data from being shared with third-party companies on our blocklist.

Private DNS

ExpressVPN protects your internet traffic and your DNS queries by running its own encrypted DNS on every VPN server.


The most advanced VPN server technology, independently audited to confirm essential privacy protections. It’s TrustedServer.

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