Last-minute privacy inspired Christmas gifts you can buy at the gas station

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Perfect last-minute Christmas gifts for the privacy conscious.

Running out of time to get that special someone a Christmas gift? Don’t worry, ExpressVPN has your back. Here are 5 perfect privacy-conscious presents you can pick up at the gas station.

Last-minute X-mas presents

1. Newspapers

Privacy isn’t limited to online activity—like many things, it starts at home. So why not gift a newspaper? The lucky receiver can use it to cover their windows. Newspapers make excellent, iconic, and biodegradable curtains. They’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas

2. Aluminum foil

Not to cover their head with! That would be silly. No, this is to cover their phone with. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t want their phone to be tracked, or even called, over Christmas. Wrap the phone in aluminum foil, and hey presto! No signal can get in or out. It works much like an elevator, but smaller, and it won’t help you up the stairs.

Last-minute xmas gift ideas

3. Some stickers

Placing a sticker over a webcam will stop any hacker from using it as a video spy tool. Sure, post-it notes will do. But why not get creative? A pink unicorn for Dad? Or Snoop Dogg for Gran. Yes, there is such a thing as Snoop Dogg stickers. Obviously.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas

4. Nail polish

What? Nail polish? That’s right. Use it to paint over the screws on a laptop, then take a picture of the pattern. No one can get into the device without ruining all that pretty nail varnish. Get some extra glittery polish as this will make the pattern harder to replicate. And also, it will look fabulous.

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5. An ExpressVPN subscription

The beauty of this one is that you don’t even need to go to a gas station to buy it. You can get an ExpressVPN subscription right now, on the device, you’re reading this on! Marvelous, isn’t it? A VPN is a terrific gift for anyone, especially the privacy conscious.

ExpressVPN’s high-strength encryption protects not only web browsers but also emails, Skype conversations, online banking, and everything else online – whether at home, the office, a cafe, or traveling the world.

Merry Christmas from ExpressVPN!

Hopefully, these top gift tips will get you out of a jam. But whatever you end up buying, just make sure you have a spectacular Christmas. And don’t forget to eat and drink too much.

Thanks for reading over the year, hope to see you soon.

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