5 years later: How Edward Snowden changed the world


There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who think Edward Snowden is a champion of privacy and a true hero for exposing the NSA’s tyrannical regime of surveillance. And those who are wrong.

But whatever you think about the savior of internet privacy, there can be no doubting his actions have changed the world.

ExpressVPN’s monthly infographic takes a look at how things have changed since Snowden’s whistleblowing smacked us all in the face, like a beautiful, but painful, anvil of truth.

How Snowden changed the world

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What do you think of the NSA whistleblowing? How have Snowden’s actions affected you? Leave your comments below.


  1. Article clearly is employing scare tactics to sell vpn products. Other than the bad guys, we have yet to see how this has injured common folk.

  2. It really fascinates me that people never realized or paid attention to how much the government watches all of us. While serving in the US Army in the late sixties I was in the Signal Corps and I saw first had how much the ASA and NSA (who worked hand and hand at the time) intruded on other nations privacy along with its own U.S. citizens. One time at Fort Meade Maryland my section chief was talking to one of those guys that saw and knew a lot was talking about that in my lifetime my Government would know everything there is to know about me and every other citizen. Of course being a young kid me and the other youngsters laughed and said no way, not possible. Well just another example at how wrong I was along with most others in this country. I’ve heard many people say I got nothing to hide and that’s true but the bad news is once they take away some of our rights it opens the door to keep going and never stop. Take a look at history around the world over the last one hundred years and all of those terrible dictators started off as nice guys and the people for the most part loved them. The list is endless, you know people like Enver Pasha (Turkey), Kim ll Sung, Ho Chi Minh, Saddam Hussein, Hideki Tojo, Valdimir Lenin,just to name a few.I have hopes that things can still change but now after 9/11 and all the get the terrorist at any cost mentality I’m just not sure anymore.I do know if we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it in my opinion, appeasement of guys like I name just doesn’t work and never will. Over the last decade or so the United States has been all over the place trying to “fight terrorism” one of the problems is we are in bed with some of the worst ones many times. They keep talking about our interest in the middle east bleh that means oil. Something that is very sad to me is we have not had a leader that would say during this decade we will find a way to be energy reliant on no one and solve our problem in the United States. Remember when President Kennedy gave that speech about going to the moon? That’s what I mean one of those speeches, talk about saving money and lives and pumping up OUR economy that would do it.


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