How Craig Wright definitely didn’t prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto


Craig Wright is not the inventor of Bitcoin, at least not judging by the poor and fabricated evidence he provided to the contrary.

ExpressVPN’s monthly infographic looks at the inconsistencies and downright lies within Wright’s claim.


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Interesting to see that Craig Wright alleged he was studying at Charles Sturt University during the time Bitcoin is believed to have been formed (2008-2009). He certainly was a busy guy!

What do you think? Is Craig Wright the father of Bitcoin? If so, why did he back away and claim he didn’t want to jump through hoops — after showing his “proof” in the most convoluted way possible? All he had to do was spend one of Nakamoto’s bitcoins!

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**This infographic previously and erroneously stated that Satoshi was in possession of a billion bitcoins. This is impossible, as bitcoins are capped at 21 million. Satoshi actually has 1 million bitcoins, which are known as the Bitcoin Billion due to their value against the US dollar.**



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